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Ken's Genealogy



Ken Poorman Genealogy . . . 

Poorman, Ryan, Monroe, Stoddard, Graff, McNerney
Hall, Downs, Wertz, Pfoutz
Maternal Side:

Hall Family, Renovo PA Area

My mother, Pearl Hall Poorman, was a Hall-Wertz-Downs.  Mom's father, Clarence Richard Hall, had two sets of parents who were brother and sister, i.e. his biological parents were Taylor Wertz and Phebe Hall Wertz.  His adoptive parents were his biological parents' siblings, i.e. adoptive father was Phebe's brother Everett F. Hall, and his adoptive mother was Taylor's sister Emma L. Wertz.  Mom's mother, Alice T. Downs Hall had a Wertz as a parent too.  Alice's father was John L. Downs, and her mother was Matilda Wertz, who was a sister to her husband's parents, Taylor Wertz and Emma Wertz.  Clarence's adoptive father above- Everett F. Hall.

Hall-Wertz Cemetery
Hall's Run PA

My Hall Family . . .

JESSE HALL JR. & MARY ANN SHAFFER HALL - had 8 children (not in order):
• Mary Hall, Married Winfield Summerson
• Joseph Hall
• EVERTT FRANKLIN HALL 1842-1915, Married Emma Wertz (adopted Clarence Richard)
• PHEBE ANN HALL 1855-1928, Married Taylor Zachery Wertz (birthed Clarence Richard)
• Sara Jane Hall m. Joseph Seese = (Emma/Howard Calhoun; Alice/Everett Wertz; more)
• Elizabeth "Libby"/"Eliza" Hall, Married Michael Stout – [2 m. Robert Poorman]
• Nancy Artie Hall, Married James Till = (John/Carrie Bently; Mary/John Simpson; more)
• Rebecca Mandana "Dane" Hall, Married Edward Van Riper
EVERETT FRANKLIN HALL (Jesse Hall Jr.'s son) was born in 1842 and died in 1915.  He married EMMA LOUSIA WERTZ, who was born in 1846 and died in 1904. Her Father was John W. Wertz, and her Mother was Mary Ann Pfoutz. Everett and Emma were unable to have biological children, so they adopted their son, my Grandfather Clarence Richard (Wertz) Hall, from their brother and sister, i.e. TAYLOR ZACKARY WERTZ & PHEBE ANN (Phoebe Eletta) HALL, who had 12 children.


When we went to the 2009 Hall-Wertz Reunion in Halls Run near West Renono PA, we stopped at Mom's old Hall homestead, Point Breeze, in South Renovo to take a look at the renovations.  Here are Then & Now photos.  After Everett Franklin & Emma Louisa Wertz Hall passed on, their adopted son, my grandfather, Clarence Richard Hall and his wife, Alice T. Downs Hall (whose mother was Matilda Florence Wertz, sister to Taylor and Emma Louisa Wertz) moved from their dairy farm up Hall's Run and raised their children at Point Breeze, Emma, Belle and Pearl Hall.  I remember when Mother (Pearl Hall Poorman), Aunt Emma (Emma Hall Hammond) and Aunt Belle (Belle Hall DeFilippo) sold Point Breeze to Frank and Helen Stagoff in the 1950's.  I haven't been in the house since I was a kid when we visited the Stagoff's occasionally.   I remember seeing the guest house, barn and ice house when I was young.  We used to walk up to the old reservoir.  The spring across the bridge is still running.

Point Breeze - Before

c1900 Photo shows Everett Franklin Hall and his wife Emma Louisa Wertz Hall at Point Breeze (Someone colored that old bush with a little blue paint-ha)

Point Breeze - After

2009 photo shows the whole front section of the house removed and the two ends of the rear section gabled, now a duplex.



Doug Humes, our Hall-Wertz family historian, was on vacation in July/August 2009 and had the opportunity to spend time with Joe Black, a Hall cousin who had attended the Renovo reunion for the first time a few years ago.  His grandfather, Samuel Perry Hall, and Doug's grandfather, Ralph Owens Hall, of Beech Creek, Pa, were brothers.  They met for the first time at the Hall-Wertz reunion, and met again when Doug's wife and he went up to New York City to see an off Broadway play that Joe was producing.  They had occasion to spend time with Joe and his wife Sandy in the Sonoma Valley of California.  As they were driving through Napa doing the winery tours, they saw that there was a Hall Vineyard, and so they stopped, took the attached photo, and went in for the tasting.  Doug said it would have been fun to show up at Renovo with a case of Hall wine to share with everyone, but apparently many of the California wineries do not ship to Pennsylvania, Delaware or Utah.  Here’s the Hall Winery website if you would like more info:


Halls in Hayes-Fearon Cemetery in Beech Creek PA




Jesse Hall Jr. &
Mary Brooks Shaffer Hall


Everett Franklin Hall


Clarence Richard Hall

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Clarence Wertz Hall Family
Visit the Hall-Wertz Reunion
2nd Sat in Aug
Route 144 South of Renovo PA near Barney Run Road

Jesse Hall Park Map
Hall-Wertz Cemetery Map


Betsy Johnson, wife of Jesse Hall Sr.


Hall-Wertz Cemetery - Halls Run
West Renovo, Clinton County PA

My Grandmother
Photo taken in 1928

Alice Thea Downs Hall
1877 - 1932

CLARENCE RICHARD (WERTZ) HALL (my Grandfather "Richard") was born 11/11/1880 in Hall's Run, Noyes Township, Clinton County, PA, and died 10/19/1920 at Renovo PA.  He married ALICE THEA DOWNS (my grandmother) on 10/9/1905 in Williamsport, Lycoming county, PA.  She was born 8/27/1877 and died 12/22/1932 at Point Breeze, South Renovo, PA on the Hall Family Estate.  Her original name was "Anna Althea Downs" and she changed it to "Alice Thea Downs."  ALice was the daughter of John Luther Downs and Matilda Florence Wertz Downs (a sister of Clarence's biological father, Taylor Zachery Wertz). Clarence and Alice are both buried in Hall-Werts Cemetery, Halls Run PA. They lived at Point Breeze, up below the reservoir in South Renovo. They had also lived on the farm way up Barney Run Road near the river, and in Philadelphia.  
Richard and Alice had three children:
     1) Emma Louise Hall B 9-8-1907 D 10/15/1991 DAR# 405901 (CA)
     2) Belle Evelyn Hall B 6-19-1910 D 12/26/1997 (San Francisco CA)
     3) PEARL MADELINE HALL (my Mother) B 7-19-1913 D 2-5-1976

Emma Hall Hammond

1907 - 1991
Emma Louise Hall was born 10/8/1907 at 1831 North Mervine Street in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and died on 10/15/1991 in Manteca California. (DAR# 405901) She married Tyler Frederick Hammond, Sr. on 12/30/1933 at the Washington Memorial Chapel in Valley Forge National Park. He was born on 5/31/1902 at Philadelphia, PA. They had three children:
1) Alice Downs Hammond O'Leary (living) (DAR# 452900)
2) Helena Hammond Rose Swift (living)
3) Tyler F. Hammond Jr. (deceased)

Aunt Emma's DAR Info:
Patriot Name: Emma Louise Hall Hammond
National Number: 901901
Chapter: 8017CA La Peurta de Oro-San Francisco Chapter
Chapter website:

Belle Hall DeFilippo

1910 - 1997
Belle Evelyn Hall was born 6/19/1910 and died 12/26/1997 in California. She married Valdo "Val" DeFilippo, no children.

Pearl Hall Poorman

1913 - 1976
PEARL MADELINE HALL was born 7/19/1913 and died 2/5/1976 in Williamsport PA.  She married KENNETH JOHN POORMAN in 1941 (My Parents). They had two children:
     1. Kenneth Richard Poorman (the good one)
     2. Stephen Philip Poorman (the bad one)

Today, October 15, 2007, I was cleaning out a drawer and found a postcard from my cousin, Tyler Hammond Jr. dated in 1993.  He congratulated Diane and I on our mariage.  He said he was living and working in Amsterdam.  He was staying at the Shelter Jordan Hostel, and asked us to keep in touch.  He stayed with Diane and I for two weeks shortly before he passed away.  He looked pretty ill then.  I took him for a relaxing drive through Lancaster County one day he was feeling up to getting out in the sunshine.  So sorry he died so young.  His father, Tyler "Barry" Hammond was my first cousin, and he was killed at a young age.  Barry was Aunt Emma Hall Hammond's son.  They lived in the Bay Area at San Francisco.  Young Tyler lived with me one summer in Vienna Virginia in the early '80's when he was in college.  He was working for the summer in U.S. Senator Wilson's office.  I told him stories about when his father Barry had lived with us in Pennsylvania for a year when he came East to go to Lock Haven High School his senior year.  I enjoyed getting to know Barry well, and later his son Tyler.  I am still sad about them both - and about Aunt Emma.  I'll hang on to this postcard.

My Hall Line


Wertz Family, Renovo PA Area
Seated: Taylor Z. Wertz & wife Phebe Ann Hall; and her brother, Everett Franklin Hall 1912

My Wertz Family . . .

John Wertz, Married Maize Haas
Elial McVey Wertz, Married Alice Delia W. Smith
Joseph Wertz, Married Cordie Croak
Beatrice Wertz, Married John Croak (family-Minnie/Joe DeVaul-Ruth/Tom Youngquist)
Deward Wertz, Married Ann Hibler
Myrtle Wertz, Married Alvin Doebler (& 2 G. Goodman)
Lloyd Wertz, Married Jane Askey
Edythe Wertz, Married Arthur Dadd
Elletta Wertz, Married Robert Valentine
Everett Wertz, Married Alice Seese
Martha Wertz
Clarence Richard Wertz (Hall), Married Alice T. Downs (my grandpa)

My Wertz Line


John L Downs & Matilda F Wertz Family in 1891

l/r: John D, Emma Pearl, ANNA ALTHEA (Alice T), Nancy Elizabeth, Mary S, John L, Matilda F, Flora Belle, William Taylor

My, grandmother, Alice T. Downs-Hall died before I was born (never met my grandfather, Clarence Richard Hall, either).  But I met two of her sisters (above), Great Aunt Pearl and Great Aunt Flora, on a train trip to San Francisco in about 1955 - I think - not sure exactly about the year.  We went to Aunt Pearl's apartment in San Francisco, and I remember a wrought iron grate (about 6" x4") on her heavy solid wood door.  I remember her peeking out of it when we used the knocker.  She had on a big black turban with a large oval brooch on the front of it, with a large purple gemstone on it.  I will never forget that picture.  She seemed aloof to me, but what does a 10 year old know.  On the other hand, I remember Aunt Flora, who I first met on that same trip to Frisco, as being very warm and welcoming,  I enjoyed my visit with her, as I recall did Mother.



Mary Ann Pfoutz of Kettle Creek PA married our John W. Wertz in 1846 . . .


Paternal Side:
My father, Kenneth John Poorman, was born in his grandparents home at 108 Jessamine Street in Lock Haven PA, and he was raised in Lock Haven and Castanea.  He worked at the Paper Mill most of his life.  His grandfather, Robert Curtain Poorman was from Castanea, and worked on the Railroad.  His dad, John Sylvester Poorman, worked at the Paper Mill also, and was building a house in Castanea at 15 East Brown Street when he died, next door to the EUB (United Methodist) Church.  Dad's mother, Maude Ryan Poorman, raised him and his sisters, Frances (Smith) and Kathryn (Moon), on Jessamine Street.  My father finished the house in Castanea after he married my mother, Pearel Madeline Hall of Renovo, and they raised me and my brother Steve.  Although 108 has been torn down, there is a tree of my great grandmother's still standing there, that I visit every time I come to Lock Haven, annually.


My Great Grandpa
Robert Curtin Poorman
My Great Grandma

Maime Ingram Poorman

Union Throne Cemetery
McElhattan Pennsylvania

My Grandpa
John Sylvester Poorman
My Dad
Kenneth John Poorman
Kenneth Richard Poorman
My Bro
Stephen Phillip Poorman

My Poorman Line


Ryan - Monroe - Stoddard - McNerney

My Great Grandparents
Daniel & Frances Monroe Ryan
My Great Grandmother
Frances Monroe Ryan Quay
My Grandmother
Maude Ryan Poorman
My Great Aunt
Hazel Ryan Stoddart
My Great Aunt
Mary Ryan McNerney

I have no photos of Great Uncles
Charlie and Mick (John) Ryan

Dad, Me, Gram & Old Gram
Ken, Kenny, Maude Poorman & Frances Monroe Ryan


My In-Laws:

M1. Bonnell

Donna's Dad, Ernest Bonnell (Center)


Mabel English Bonnell


My divorce from Donna R. Bonnell Poorman was final on October 27, 1987; Court of Common Pleas Chester County, Pennsylvania - the annullment was effective March 5, 1998 in Philadelphia.


M2. Hansberry

Frank & Elsie Corson Hansberry

Elsie Corson Hansberry
Francis Joseph Hansberry
50th Wedding Anniversary
August 2006

The Hansberry Family