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My paternal grandmother was a Ryan . . . 


Some of our Ryan family lineage is Monroe, Poorman, Stoddart, McNerney, Graff, O'Donnell, Quay, Hughes, Shearer, Shadle, Bierly, Seasholtz, Baird, Bailey, Pfoutz, Drash . . .

My Ryan Line


Maude Ryan Poorman


Grammy Poorman (1890 - 1985)  was a Ryan.  Daniel Ryan was her father, whom I never met.  Her Mom was Frances Monroe Ryan, who I knew when I was young.  They lived at 108 Jessamine Street in Lock Haven, PA.  The house is gone now, but one of her big twin maple trees remains - which I visit every time I go to Lock Haven.  Grammy died 3 September 1985.

The Ryan Family - Dan & Frances Monroe Ryan had 5 kids, Maude, Charley, Hazel, John/Mick and Mary.  (Oops, I just learned maybe 7, including Blance Agnes and Michael.) Maude, my gram, married John Sylvester Poorman and had three kids, Ken, my dad, Aunt Frances (Smith) and Aunt Kathryn (Moon).  They all worked at the Paper mill.  Gram/Maude was the only one of them who had kids.  Mick was a drunk.  I only ever saw him a few times, and didn't call him uncle.  I saw my dad kick his butt once.  Couldn't believe my eyes.  Mick used foul language in fromt of Gram and me, and Dad took him apart, and threw the pieces in the yard, the end.  I never saw Mick again after that.  Charlie was a sweetie, and lived and worked as a bartender in Harrisburg.  We saw him occasionally when he visited Gram.  I rode in the hearse when Dad drove it to Harrisburg to pick up Uncle Charlie's dead body.  I don't have any photos of him, but he looked a lot like Gram.  We visited Aunt Mary and Uncle Mick McNerney pretty regularly.  Aunt Hazel married Bill Stoddart from Philly, and they owned and operated the Town Tavern for many years in Lock Haven, until Uncle Bill died.  I spent a lot of time with them.  I still remember Aunt Hazel dying, and still feel badly about it.  She always bought me anything I wanted.  All I had to do was point.  Then Uncle Bill took me around town a lot after she died.  They used to take me to Philly a lot when I was little, to visit his sister, Mary Stoddart Graff.  I spent a lot of time with Uncle Bill when he was dying too.  I went to his house every morning before school and fixed the coal file, and got him something for breakfast.  Then I stopped after school and took out the ashes and banked the fire for the night.  I made him something for dinner, and sat and talked with him for a while.  He gave me his National Marble Championship Medal.  He was very proud of it, and often talked about it.  Sometimes I played his accordian, and he played the harmonica.  I felt badly for him, he was having a difficult time of it.  He was pretty much confined to his chair.  He could move around a bit though, but it was difficult for him.  But I spent the most time with Gram in my childhood.  I have a treasure chest of good memories of her.

Ken Poorman & Grammy's Tree
108 Jessamine Street, Lock Haven, PA

This is all that's left of 108 Jessamine Street in Lock Haven, i.e. one of Grammy's twin Maple trees.  Her parent's house, woodshed, outhouse and garage are all gone.

Maude (Gram), Mick & Ginger
Dad & Gram


Daniel & Frances Monroe Ryan


Maude, Ken, Kenny & Frances

Four Generations

Frances M. Monroe (1870-1952) was the daughter of Prevost Monroe (Canada-French) and Louise Bowman.  She was born in Beech Creek PA and had a brother, James Monroe (8/5/1885) who married Cora Chapman, who I think lived on East Park Street.  Frances was a member of the Immaculate Conception Catholic Church on Water Street, Lock Haven.  She married Daniel Ryan and they lived at 108 Jessamine Street in Lock Haven.  They had 7 children, Charles Daniel Ryan (1889-1954), Maude Ryan (1890-1985), John "Mick" Ryan (1900-1953), Hazel Ryan (1903-?), Mary L. Ryan (1907-1999), Michael Ryan & Blanch Agnes Ryan.  After Dan Ryan died, Frances married James M. Quay, and he lived with her at 108 Jessamine Street. 

Here's Gram's Mom (Frances), two sisters and two brothers, Mary Ryan McNerney, Hazel Ryan Stoddart, John (Mick) Ryan, and Charlie Ryan (no photo) . . .

Daniel Ryan
Frances Monroe Ryan Quay

Mrs. James M. Quay

Requiem High Mass was celebrated this morning at the Immaculat4e Conception Church for Francis M. Ryan Quay, 82. wife of James M. Quay, who died Friday at 1:20 p.m. at her home, 108 Jessamine St. after an illness of several months.  

She was the daughter of Pedro and Louise Bowman Monroe, was born at Beech Creek, and lived in this vicinity her entire life.  She was a member of the Immaculate Conception parish.  

Two sons, Charles D. Ryan, Harrisburg, and John II, at home, and two daughters, Mrs. Maude Poorman and Mrs. Earl V. McNerney of Lock Haven, survive; also three grandchildren and five great grandchildren.  James Monroe of Lock Haven is a brother.

The Rev. Charles W. M. White celebrated the Mass.  Interment was made in St. Mary’s Cemetery. 

Jim Quay Wedding
Frances' 2nd Husband

Jim Quay Obit

Charles D. Ryan
1889 - 1954
Maude Ryan Poorman
Mick Ryan
Hazel Ryan Stoddart
b. 1902
Mary Ryan McNerney


Mary Ryan McNerney

Mary Ryan
Mary Ryan
My Aunt Mary

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Mary Ryan McNerney
Earl V. McNerney
Uncle Mick
Great Aunt Mary . . . I hate to think about how much Aunt Mary suffered for so long in the Long Term Care Unit before she died.  It was horrible.  I had great difficulty visiting her, the pain in her voice, and eyes.  She couldn't move, just lay there and suffer.  I used to go pick up little Caleb and take him along with me when I visited her, because she didn't like the confusion/noise of having a little kid in her room, so she would ask me to leave in short order.  (I'll bet Caleb doesn't know that-ha.)  I couldn't stand to see her suffering like that.  God bless you Aunt Mary.  Before she went to the LTC Unit, I would stop at the Town Tavern on the way to her place and pick up a six pack.  We would sit in the kitchen or living room and chat over a beer.  It was nice.  I loved the photo of her niece, Sister Borgia, that she had hanging above her bookcase in the front room.  Donnie and Yvonne gave me two of her Crucifixes after she died.  Crystal has one in her bedroom, the one that Aunt Mary had hanging in the hallway; and Diana has one in her bedroom, the one that Aunt Mary had in her bedroom.  I think of her a lot.  Aunt Mary died on 7 April 1999. RIP

Earl V. McNerney
Uncle Mick
Earl V. McNerney
Uncle Mick's Discharge

Earl McNerney Baptism 1900

Earl McNerney Discharge 1918

Earl McNerney Civil Service 1948


My Great-Aunt Mary Ryan married Earl V. McNerney.  They lived in the first block of East church Street in Lock Haven PA.  First, for many years, over The Playmakers, and later across the street at 40 East Church Street on the second floor.  That is where they lived when Uncle Mick died, and where Aunt Mary stayed until she had to go to the long term care facility of the Lock Haven Hospital, where she died.  They are both buried at St. Mary’s catholic cemetery on the Lusk Run Road.  They were parishioners at St. Agnes Catholic Church on Liberty & Walnut Streets in Lock Haven.


Born: 4/24/1907

Died: 4/7/1999

Buried: Lot 3.7.1 St. Mary Lock Haven PA


Born: 2/4/1900

Died: 1/9/1968

Buried: Lot 3.7.1 St. Mary Lock Haven PA



St. Mary of the Mount on Mt. Washington in Pittsburgh, PA, where our Sr. Borgia is Director of Religious Education, 2008.
Sister Francis Borgia O'Donnell, I.H.M. - I saw Sr. Borgia a few times in recent years . . .  a couple of times at Aunt Mary's apartment before she got sick, at Aunt Mary's funeral in 1999 at St. Agnes, and later at Dorothy Wolfkeil's funeral at IC in Lock Haven.  She was DRE at St. Mary on the Mount in Pittsburgh.  Last I spoke with her, she was going to retire to her Mother Home in the Scranton area.

SIster Borgia is Uncle Mick & Aunt Mary Ryan McNerney's Niece.  She was Joan O'Donnell of Lock Haven, PA.  Joan lived up on Susquehanna Avenue.  I think she was Principal of the Catholic High School in Bellefonte at one time.  Now, 2008, she is Sr. Francis O'Donnell IHM, and has been Director of Religious Education for several years at St. Mary of the Mount in Pittsburgh.  She tells me she will be retiring to their home in Scranton soon, IHM CENTER.  I hope we can get up to see her there.  It seems I only see her at funerals now.  I saw her at Aunt Mary's funeral at St. Agnes, and last at Dorothy Wolfkeil's funeral at IC.


Hazel Ryan Stoddart

Me & Aunt Hazel
Uncle Bill & Aunt Hazel

William P. "Red" Stoddart

Uncle Bill (r)
National Marble Champ
Great Aunt Hazel - when I was very young, I spent a lot of time with Aunt Hazel and Uncle Bill at the Town Tavern on Mill Street in Lock Haven.  They had two adjoining row houses behind the J.C. Penney store on Main Street.  The bar and service area was on one side, and the kitchen and dining room was on the other, next to the alley.  They had an apartment over the Dining Room side, and rented out the third floor on that side.  They also rented out the second and third floors over the tavern.  Aunt Hazel died there.  Uncle Bill left there after the J.C. Penney fire, and bought a house on East Main Street.  He salvaged the big bar, back bar and booths and moved the tavern into a rented building on Bellefonte Avenue.  He also had two camps up the Renovo Road.  We spent a lot of time at the one he used.  He rented out the other.  I remember Ernie the bartender, and the well pump and kerocene lanterns at the cabin.  It is still there.  I even remember the furniture.

At Uncle Bill's Cabin
(Standing) Uncle Bill, Aunt Hazel, Aunt Mary, Aunt Francie
(Front) Dad & Uncle Mick McNerney

My great uncles Mick McNerney & Bill Stoddart

Uncle Bill Stoddart

Uncle Bill "Red" Stoddart on right 1922 Philly

Scenes from the 1922 Inter-city Tournament in Philadelphia. Newark's Marjorie "Babe" Ruth (L) and Philadelphia's William "Red" Stoddart (R) show their shooting style, but in the end, Baltimore's Frank McQuade Jr. (C) won the trophy



Philadelphia Art Museum
Graffs lived on Olive Street behind 2601 next to the Art Museum

Mary Stoddart Graff
Pearl Hall Poorman
& Kenny Dick
Saint Francis Xavier (SFX) Parish on Greene Street, where Anna went to school & took me to Mass when we visited in the summers.
Anna & Mary Graff
& Kenny Dick
Olive Street, Philly

Anna Graff & Kenny (THEN)
Olive Street-Philadelphia PA
Ken & Anna (NOW)
Ken Poorman & Anna Graff Hughes 2007
Bill Stoddart's Niece

My Great Aunt Hazel Ryan Stoddart
St. Mary Cemetery, Lock Haven PA
Hazel Ryan
1902 - 1949

My Ryan Line
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