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Poorman Line


Ken Poorman's paternal family of Castanea Pa

Poorman Name Meaning

Possibly an altered spelling of German Porrmann, a variant of Porr or Purrmann, from a variant of the personal name Burgman, from Old High German burg ‘castle’, ‘protection’ + man ‘man’.



HANS (JOHN) GEORG POORMAN (John Georg Pohrman/Bohrmann), BORN c1665 in Germany, DIED cJune 1741; buried at Evangelical Luthern Church, Warwick Twp, (outside Lititz, PA) Lancaster County, PA: Immigrated before 1735 to Paxtang Township, Dauphin County, PA.

HANS married (1) NAME UNKNOWN and had 5 children:

1) Daniel Poorman

2) Christopher Poorman, D: before 1782

3) Stephen Poorman Sr, D: c4/14/1782; Wife Anna (?) Lancaster Co PA; REV WAR; 9 children:
a) Christian Poorman, married Mary surname unknown
b) John Poorman
c) Barbara Poorman, married Eliab Negley
d) Mary Poorman, married John Roop
e) Addy Poorman,, married Jacob Roop
f) Freney (Fanny) Poorman, married Christian Stauffer
g) Anna Poorman, married Henry Landis
h) Elizabeth Poorman, D: April 1782
i) Stephen Poorman, Jr.


5) Melchior Poorman

HANS married (2) Catharina Motz/Motzin 8/10/1735 (Marriage recorded in the Evangelical Luthern Church records of Warwick Twp.) children:

a) Ana Catharina B: 9/1/1736 or 10/3/1736
b) Maria Barbara, B: 1/25/1738 or 2/25/1738

HANS married (3) Agnes Doerr/Dorrin/Dorr on 10/6/1740 - no children.

Note: After Hans died the following year, widow Agnes married Jacob Haeckert/Hecker/Huber on 3/25/1744.



PETER POORMAN SR, BORN 1717 DIED c8/23/1792 Buried Elizabethtown PA; Occ Farmer; Rel Luthern.

PETER married Mary Kathrin O. surname unknown, and had 14 children:

1) (JOHN) JACOB POORMAN SENIOR, BORN 1/8/1742, DIED 1/11/1785
2) Maria Elizabetha Poorman, B: 4/14/1743
3) Daniel Poorman, B: 8/31/1744, D: 4/18/1825
4) Henry Poorman
5) Peter Poorman, Jr, c1749, D: c6/6/1817
6) John Poorman (2) REV WAR, B: c1755, D: c1794 married Elizabeth Croxon
7) Anna Mary Poorman, B: c1754-57?
8) Anna Martha Poorman, B: c1757-59?
9) Mary Magdalena Poorman, B: c1759-65?
10) Melchoir Poorman, B: c1767, D: c1808
11) Michael Poorman
12) William Poorman
13) Anna Barbara Poorman, B: 3/18/1769
14) Abraham Poorman, B: 12/17/1771

NOTE: Deed from JOHN MONTGOMERY, Paxtang Twp, Lancaster Cty Courthouse 4/2/1765. Also deed agreements dated 10/21/1782 for land Peter bought from John Montgomery. Deed agreements between Jacob Poorman, Peter and his wife Kathrin O. The text refers to Peter as Jacob's father, and both signed/noted in German. Peter's residence stated to be Mount Joy Twp, Lancaster, and Jacob's residence as Paxtang Twp, Lancaster County.



JACOB (JOHN) POORMAN SENIOR (REVOLUTIONARY WAR), BORN 1/6/1742 DIED 1/11/1785 in Paxtang Twp, Lancaster County PA; Religion: Shoop's Evangelical Luthern Church, Hainton. Occupation: Blacksmith.

Jacob married MARY WERNER 3/5/1762 and had 10 children:

1) Michael Poorman, Sr. B: 5/17/1764, D: 2/17/1828
2) Elizabeth Poorman, B: 1767
3) John A. Poorman, Sr, B: 12/9/1769, D: 6/7/1845
4) Jacob Poorman, Jr.
5) Henry Poorman, 1770-1824
6) Daniel Poorman, 6/6/1772, D: 2/12/1824
7) PETER AQUILA POORMAN 12/10/1776 - 9/10/1865
8) William, B. Poorman, 11/26/1780, D: 6/3/1852
9) Catharine B. Poorman, B: 11/26/1780, D: 6/12/1860
10) Melchoir Poorman

NOTE:  My forebears were descended from Jacob Poorman (1742-1784), who sired William B. Poorman (1780-1852), who sired Samuel Poorman (1824-1914).  Samuel Poorman married Elizabeth Stees, daughter of Mary Beatty and Jacob Stees, who attended the Zion Lutheran Church in Harrisburg, PA.  Samuel and Elizabeth Stees Poorman had a daughter, Fannie May Poorman, who was born in 1861.  Fannie Mae Poorman was the first one to be born outside the Paxtang Township, Dauphin County/Lancaster County area.  Fannie's mother was from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and her father, Samuel, was from the Shoop's Church Paxtang Township area.  Samuel was the first one to "move around", first in the Navy, then in his field of cabinet making and church organ making. . . Arthur Thomas, Connecticut

Note: In 1785 Mary Werner Poorman donated 15s toward putting a fence around Shoop's church and graveyard. John Jacob was in the Revolutionary War from 12/26/1778 through 1782 as a Private. He served with CAPTAIN JOHN RUTHERFORD's Company, Fourth Battalion, Lancaster County Militia, commanded by COLONEL ROBERT ELDER. Also served with Captain HUGH ROBINSON's Company, Tenth Battalion, Lancaster County Militia.


PETER AQUILA POORMAN, SHOEMAKER & FARMER, BORN 12/10/1776 in Lancaster County (now part of Dauphin), DIED 9/10/1865 in Youngdale, Clinton County PA (between Castanea and McElhatten); Buried in Union/Throne Cemetery, McElhatten, Clinton County PA. 

(Click here for Peter Aquila Poorman Family Tree by Robert Russell Schadt)

PETER Married (1) Jane Sturgis in 1800; she was born in England in 1786 and died c1820. They had 12 children:

1) Allison C. Poorman, B: 4/3/1816, D: 8/1/1868
2) William Sr., B: 1/7/1800, D: 9/6/1864
3) Rachael, B: 1803
4) Elizabeth, B: 10/5/1803, D: 10/30/1857; she married Melchoir Ricker, B: 10/12/1806, D: 1/28/1869
5) Mary Poorman, B: 1805
6) John Poorman, B: 10/4/1806, D: after 1887
7) Sarah Jane Poorman, B: 10/9/1809, D: 1/9/1891
8) Armand Poorman, B: c1810
9) Catharine Poorman, B: 2/9/1812
10) Hugh W. Poorman, B: c1815, D: 1882
11) Henry C. Poorman, B: c1818, D: 2/6/1892
12) Thomas Nelson Poorman, B: 1819, D: 8/9/1882

PETER married (2) LYDIA DUNN, B: 10/19/1793, D: 12/27/1865 in Youngdale; buried Union Throne Cemetery; and they had 6 children:

1) Washington Poorman, B: 12/28/1822, D: 1/1/1875
2) Jane Poorman, 4/13/1825, D: 3/27/1857; married Jacob Deise (George Dice) on 5/3/1849, he was B: 2/3/1812, D: 12/12/1893  (information about their children is available - contact Ken Poorman)
3) Benjamin Poorman, B: 4/1/1827, D: 4/8/1854
4) JOSEPH P. POORMAN, BORN 5/5/1829 DIED 3/12/1906
5) Anna Rebecca Poorman, B: 6/4/1831, D: ?; married Thomas McNarney, B: c1830, D: 9/17/1898, lived in Coudersport, Potter County PA
6) Lydia Poorman, B: 8/22/1834, D: 7/10/1877; married George Strayer on 8/11/1853, he was B: 10/22/1830, D: ?

Peter Aquila Poorman
1776 - 1865

Note: Allison C. Poorman is our connection to President Abraham Lincoln. Allison C. Poorman married Amanda Hanks, Abe's Niece, daughter of Dennis Hanks, who was Nancy Hanks Lincoln's (Abe's Mother) first cousin. Click here for the whole Abe Lincoln connection story.

Note: Lock Haven Express, Saturday 8/14/1982; Trinity Methodist Church in Lock Haven was founded 149 years ago in the home of PETER POORMAN in 1833, in the little red house by the dam.



JOSEPH P. POORMAN, FARMER, BORN 5/5/1829 in Mifflin Twp, Lycoming County PA, DIED 3/12/1906 in Castanea PA, buried in Union-Throne Cemetery in McElhattan, Clinton County PA; Religion United Methodist Church in Castanea PA (formerly the EUB (Evangelical United Brethern), which is next door to my homestead at 15 East Brown Street, and where I went to church as a boy.

JOSEPH married ELIZA ANN MCKEAGUE in 1854, Religion Roman Catholic (Eliza was a Waynesville (McElhattan) Sabbath School Teacher 1852 to 1853. She attended this church since there was no Catholic church nearby.) They had 9 children:

1) John Taylor Poorman, B: c1854
2) Joseph Daniel Poorman, B: Sept 1856, D: 1/3/1931
3) George Omet Poorman, B: 10/31/1858, D: 6/12/1938
4) Martha "Mat" Jane Poorman, B: 12/4/1860, D: 1/11/1946 (Clearfield) m. John P. Duff
5) ROBERT CURTIN POORMAN, BORN 12/17/1862 DIED 1/23/1895
6) Lydia "Lyd" Ann Poorman, B: 7/9/1865, D: Dec 1948(Mcgees Mills) m. Edward M. Sunderland on 10/24/1888 Clearfield PA.
7) Philip Thomas Poorman, B: 5/11/1867, D: 12/3/1956
8) Emma Marguerite Poorman, B: 10/10/1871, D: 1941, m. James H. Rhoads, B: 10/29/1873, D: 1944 Clearfield PA
9) William A. Poorman, B: 5/31/1872, D: 11/19/1889 Castanea PA Residence: Cherry Tree, Indiana County PA 1856; Castanea Township PA 1880; back to Cherry Tree PA in 1880.



ROBERT CURTIN POORMAN, BORN 12/17/1862 in Cherry Tree, Indiana County PA, DIED 1/23/1895 in Lock Haven, Clinton County PA; buried in Union/Throne Cemetery, McElhatten, Clinton County PA; abscess of the liver. Religion: United Methodist Church, Castanea PA, Residence: Walnut Street, Lock Haven PA; Occupation-Blacksmith on the railroad, and Car Inspector for Penn's Railroad Company. Member-Knights of Pythias.

Married MARY "MAIME" ANN INGRAM on 9/23/1885, BORN 9/9/1865 in Driftwood, Cameron County PA; DIED 2/25/1940 in Lock Haven PA, buried Highland Cemetery Lock Haven PA; complications of appendicitis operation; they had 6 children:

1) JOHN SYLVESTER POORMAN, BORN 2/13/1886, DIED 11/14/1921. (My Grandfather)

2) Albert Lee "Cap" Poorman, b. 26 May 1887 in Castanea, d. 28 Apr 1964 in Lock Haven; Tinsmith, owned business in Lock Haven.

Note: Dad often took me to visit Great Uncle Al in his tin shop in the alley across from the Elks when I was a young boy.  I remember being impressed by the machinery. I remember it well today 2/17/2003.  I guess Dad felt close to him, his uncle Al, since Dad's father died so young.  As they were tearing down the old Opera House in 2005, I walked through that alley and said a prayer for Great Uncle Al Poorman where his shop used to be. Crystal, my 9 year old granddaughter, was with me, and she crawled under the yellow police tape and picked up a small piece of brick from the Opera House to get as a gift for her Great Uncle Steve Poorman, who she thinks is the greatest person on Earth.

M1. Cap married Edna B. Bickel, b. 21 May 1890 in Bellefonte, who died shortly thereafter on 31 Mar 1936 in Lock Haven
M2. Cap married Nellie Isabella Engles on 24 Feb 1938; b. 2 Jul 1898 in Mill Hall, d. 18 Jun 1980 in Lock Haven.

3) Clyde Augustus Poorman Sr, B: 12/13/1888, D: 6/3/1971; buried Linnwood Cemetery, McElhattan, Clinton Cty PA; Married Stella Mae Kinley, B: 3/26/1891, D: 6/3/1982; buried Linnwood Cemetery.

Note: Great Uncle Clyde was retired from the New york Central Railway.  I remember Dad taking me with him to visit Great Uncle Clyde occasionally when I was a kid.  We usually walked up, as he only lived a block away, but I can remember driving up too.  They had 4 children:

a) Twyla Marguerite Poorman (Schadt) B: Castanea 6/28/13, D: ? Married John William Schadt on 10/17/31 in Williamsport, Lycoming Cty. Pa. They had 4 children:
c1. Gloria Maye, B: 1932
2. Infant Son, B: 1934
3. Robert Russell Schadt, B: 1936
4. Mary Lee, B: 1947 
b) Robert (Rip) Curtin Poorman, B: 1915 

     c) Albert Lee "Babe" Poorman, b.: 11 Jun 1917 in Castanea, d. 6 Mar 1977 in Lock Haven; Retired from Piper Aircraft Corp., Lock Haven, PA. 
M1. Babe married Elizabeth, b. 1921, married 1942
M2. Babe married Marjorie Edna Kunes b 15 Oct 1922, m 15 Oct 1948
          c1. Kimberly Ann
                         c2. Peggy Lee

     d) Clyde Augustus Poorman Jr., B: 1923 - Living; Married Mary Louise Bunner on 5/23/1944; retired from Lock Haven Paper Mill; 2 children:
c1. Carol Louise Poorman
2. Jack Russell Poorman 

4) Mary Viola "Maime" Poorman, Linotype Operator, Lock Haven Express, B: 12/19/1890, D: 8/17/1975 (no marriage-no children).

5) Ruth Drusilla "Toots" Poorman, B: 9/28/1892, D: ? No marriage-no children.

6) Roberta "Bob" Curtin Poorman, B: 4/23/1895, D: 5/3/1955; married Elwood N. Brown (b. c1896) on 12/30/1914.
Aunt Bob had five children:
1. Florence E. "Florene" Brown (my second grade teacher at Castanea) m. Not married
2. Winona J. "Nonie" Brown b. 20 Dec 1919, d. Apr 1981 m. Harry Gruver b. 30 Dec 1916, d. Mar 1978
               c1. Roberta Gruver
               c2. Alice Gruver
3. La Rue A. Brown b. 27 May 1924, d. 20 Sep 1988 m. Gordon R. Shaffer (m. 17 May 1947) 
               c1. Dianne Shaffer m. Bower
               c2. Jeannine Shaffer m. Sampsell
               c3. Ruth Shaffer m. Walters
4. Clifton Ardell Brown b. c1933
5. Robert Elwood Brown (US Air Force) b. c1936

Mom used to play cards with Aunt Bob, Aunt Maime, Aunt Toots, Nonie and Florine a lot when I was a kid.

Robert Curtain Poorman

Note: Marjorie's sister, Pauline J. Kunes married Gerard DeMarte.  I spent a lot of time with her and Gee in DeMarte's Cafe on Walnut Street when I was in my 20's.  And I can still remember Mom and Dad taking me into DeMarte's when I was just a little kid.  They had little private dining rooms in the back.  Neat.

Note: I met Babe in the Lock Haven Elks one night and he spent several hours with me going over the family tree that he helped Bobby Schadt put together in "Echos." That night I told him the story of me and a friend popping out the streetlight with a rock in front of his Dad's house one evening when I was about 12 years old. He and some friends were sitting in his back yard and they chased us down Keller Street. We hid in the high grass in Dad's peach orchard at 104 East Keller. I liked Babe a lot... but I was glad he didn't catch us that night!

Note: I lived at 104 East Keller St. Castanea, PA for a few years in the 1960's, a couple doors behind Clyde Jr. 

Note: Great Aunt Mary and Great Aunt Ruth lived behind us, across Harvey's Run, when I grew up at 15 East Brown Street, Castanea, PA. Aunt Mary always invited me in and gave me some kind of treat, i.e. cookies, etc. She was my favorite Great Aunt of the Poormans. 

Note: I used to watch Aunt Ruth lop off the heads of chickens on the stump by their garage, across the Run. She used to drive me to pre-K when I was four at Aikley School at the Lock Haven State Teachers College. I still remember her old square black car with flat roof and running boards. I'll never forget the day she came out and gave Dad hell when he built the run wall on our side of Harvey's Run. I used to wrestle Spearto's billy goat next door to Aunt Mary & Ruth's when I was little. It always chased us when we walked through the field by Margaret Alley.  When I lived there, 1942-1959, Margaret Alley went all the way through from Logan Avenue to McElhattan Avenue, although the run bridge was out for years.



JOHN SYLVESTER POORMAN (My Grandfather) BORN 2/13/1886, DIED 11/14/1921; buried Highland Cemetery Lock Haven Clinton Cty. PA
m. MAUDE RYAN (Big Gram) on 9/23/1913, b. 11/12/1890, d. 3 Sep 1985 at Lock Haven
          Hospital; Buried Highland Cemetery, Lock Haven, Clinton County, PA; three children:

c1. KENNETH JOHN POORMAN (MY FATHER), BORN 3/23/1914, DIED 12/4/1972, Retired from the Hammermill Paper Mill, Lock Haven PA; Ken married PEARL HALL b. 7/19/1913; d. 2/5/1976 (MY MOTHER) from Renovo PA, and had 2 children:
Stephen Phillip Poorman

c2. Frances Mary Poorman b 11/4/1917 Lock Haven Pa d 1/30/2000 Jersey Shore Pa
     m. Harry Lee Smith (31 Aug 1940 Jersey Shore) b. 24 Aug 1911, d. 4 Oct 1988
Donald Lee Smith, M: Vonnie - Kellie & Lisa
Robert Lynn Smith, M1: Judy - Michael; M2: Lois

c. Katharine Louise Poorman, B: 1/1/1919, D: 3/22/1989
     m. George William Moon (30 Dec 1941) b. 8 Jan 1912, d. 24 Dec 1997
          (Lived in Mill Hall PA)
Jane Moon, married Dennis Keller and had 3 children - Beth, Lori & Lance

Note: My Grandmother MAUDE RYAN POORMAN's Mother's home was at 108 Jessamine Street in Lock Haven, Clinton County PA, near the corner of Elm Street (no longer there); one of the two Maple trees that stood in front of the house is still standing (1/1/2005); Gram's father was Daniel Ryan and her mother was Frances Munro Ryan. Frances married Jim Quay after Daniel died.  Jim lived at 108 Jessamine until he died.

John Sylvester Poorman

Note: John S. Poorman worked at the Paper Mill, as did his wife, Maude, and all three kids eventually. Wish I had known my grandpa.


KENNETH JOHN POORMAN (MY FATHER), BORN 5/23/1914, lived in the Village of Castanea PA, DIED 12/4/1972. Buried Hall-Wertz Cemetery, Halls Run, Noyes Township, Clinton County PA.

Note: Dad was a Foreman for many years at the Castanea Mill of the New York & Pennsylvania Company, later Hammermill Paper. He had 26 years service when he retired due to a severe heart attack. I was at work at Bell Telephone on Mt. Pleasant Street in Jersey Shore PA when I got the call from Corrine that Dad was on the way to the hospital in an ambulance. I was at the hospital with Mom when they pronounced him dead in the emergency room. What a horrible sight; bad day for Mom. I'll never forget it.

M1: Ina Mae Swartz; Dad (age 21) married Mae (age 20) on 11-6-1934 in Cumberland, Allegany County, MD; they resided in Allison township, Clinton county PA; and divorced on June 29, 1938 in Clinton County, PA (April Term No. 97); no children that we know of.

M2: PEARL MADELINE HALL (MY MOTHER) in 1941, BORN 7/19/1913, married Dad June 16th 1941 and lived in Castanea PA, DIED 2/5/1976, Buried Hall-Wertz Cemetery, Halls Run PA. Ken and Pearl had two children:

1) KENNETH RICHARD, aka Kenny Dick, B: 1942 ...(the better looking one)
2) Stephen Phillip, aka Stereo Steve, B: 1950 ...(the smarter one)

Note: Steve and I were at the Williamsport Hospital when Mom died. Aunt Bell was with her when she died. Aunt Belle and Aunt Emma had spent months here with Mom while she was in the hospital suffering with Cancer.

Kenneth John Poorman



KENNETH RICHARD POORMAN (me) [Pearl Madeline Hall-Wertz] B: 1942.  Ken married:

          M1: Donna Rae Bonnell, B: 1943, married Ken on June 30, 1961 in Antes Fort PA; they lived in Castanea Township PA. Ken Poorman and Donna Bonnell had four children:

1. Kenneth Allen Poorman, B: 1961
2. Randall Clay Poorman, B: 2/3/1964, D: 4/1/1997
3. John Richard Poorman, B: 1964, D: 1964
4. Scott Derek Poorman, B: 1971

          M2: Diane Marie Hansberry, B: 1960, married Ken on June 12, 1993 in Valley Forge PA; they live in Jeffersonville, PA.

STEPHEN PHILIP POORMAN, B: 1950 in Teah Hospital, Lock Haven PA Steve married:

          M1: Corrine Jean King Poorman @ East Main Street United Methodist Church in Lock Haven, PA, no children - divorced
          M2: Pamela Fisher Simander Abramo Poorman @ Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church in Ft. Lauderdale, FL who has two children:

1) Stephanie Sue Ann Simander b. 1972 
a) Caleb Forrest Simander b. 1994
b) Kathleen Simander b. 2002
c) Colin Matthew Simander b. 2005
2) Sean Michael Simander b. 1974

Note: Pam Fisher's mother was Arlene R. Weber Fisher Shaffer, born 10/30/1923 in Dewart, Lycoming County PA; she died 12/26/2004 in Jersey Shore, PA; buried by Yost-Gedon Funeral Home at Rest Haven Memorial Park near Woolrich, PA; member of St. Luke's United Church of Christ in Lock Haven. Her only brother, George "Jake" Weber died in 2005. Her sister Eleanor married Gene Shaffer, son of Floyd & Helen Shaffer in Castanea, PA.


Kenneth R. Poorman

Stephen P. Poorman


KENNETH ALLEN POORMAN [son of Kenneth Richard Poorman], B: 1961 at Evangelical Community Hospital in Lewisburg PA - Jasmine Ezic - no children

RANDALL CLAY POORMAN [son of Kenneth Richard Poorman], B: 2/3/1964 in Lock Haven PA, D: 4/1/1997 in Tampa FL due to auto accident; M&D: Marlene DiPietri with one step child:

1) Jamie

JOHN RICHARD POORMAN [son of Kenneth Richard Poorman] B: 11/1964 in Lock Haven PA; D: 11/1964 in Lock Haven PA; baby buried in Hall-Werta Cemetery at Hall's Run, Noyes Township, Clinton County PA

SCOTT DEREK POORMAN [son of Kenneth Richard Poorman], B: 1971 in Williamsport PA, his children are:

1) Crystal Blue Leigh Poorman, B: 1995 (Tanya Mark Brosius, Mother)... Crystal Mark Poorman is our little "Pity Pat"

2) Diana Marie Poorman, B: 1996 (Tanya Mark Brosius, Mother)... Diana is our little "Honey Babe"

3) Derek Hudson, B: 1995 (Sheryl Hudson, Mother) Tampa, Florida (Brooksville area)

Note: Tanya Mark's Mother is Sandy Oakes Mark Pierce Collins of the Downingtown (Honeybrook) area, Chester County PA; Tanya married Mark Brosius who is now step-father to Crystal Mark and Diana Poorman. Tanya and Mark have a daughter Monica Brosius. Mark also has a daughter, Krista Brosius, from a prior relationship. Mark's parents are James Brosius of Malvern PA and Charlotte Blain Brosius Girard of Oaklahoma and Malvern PA.

The saga continues...

Compliments and appreciation to my cousin, Robert Russell Schadt, our Poorman Family Genealogist and author of ECHOES, Copyright 1983, a genealogy including Poorman biographical/lineage data. Thank you Bob.

PS: Bobby, I went to St. Agnes in Lock Haven for Mass last Sunday and saw that your mother had memorialized my grandmother, Maude Ryan Poorman when she died. I wish I could say thank you to Twyla... a prayer on the way. Ken 7/31/2004

Kenneth A. Poorman

Randall C. Poorman

Scott D. Poorman



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