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Wertz Line


Our Wertz line from Renovo PA . . .

Wertz Name Meaning


German: from a short form of the personal name Werner, composed of the Germanic elements war ‘guard’ + heri, hari ‘army’.




JOHANN CASPER WERTZ born between 1690-95 in Schwaigern, Massenbach, Germany.

Johann married ANNA BARBARA (UNKNOWN). They immigrated in 1750 on the ship "Royal Union," and he was listed as "Hans Weertz" and listed occupation as "Gravedigger." Their children were:

1. JOHANNES WERTZ B 3/17/1719(20?) D 1/8/1789

2. Elisabertha Wertz

NOTE:  [List 149 C]

Royal Union
Captain: Clement Nicholson
From: Rotterdam
By Way of: Plymouth
Arrival: Philadelphia, 15 Aug 1750

Name, Age
Place of Origin (Town, Province)
Remarks (USA, Spelling Variations, Occupation, Relationships, etc.)

Hans Würtz, 30
Maria Barbara (Strauss)
Johann Dietrich, 10
Christianus, 7
Magdalena, 2
Massenbach, Baden
Weertz, To Berks Co.

Michael Luttman, 26
Elisabetha (Würtz)
Schwaigern, Baden
To Lancaster Co.

Henrich Wurtz
on board

Hans Martin Wurtz



JOHANNES WERTZ born 3/17/1719(20?) in Schwaigern, Massenbach Germany DIED c1/8/1789 in Tulpehocken Twp Berks County PA.  He married:

M1: MARIA EVA BICKEL 11/15/1739 in Lutheran Church in Massenbach Germany, daughter of Hans Jerg Bikel. She was born in Germany & D bet 1743-44 in Massenbach Germany. They had 2 children:

1. JOHANN DIETRICH WERTZ BORN 7/24/1740 Schwaigern Massenbach Germany DIED 1803 in White Deer Twp, PA-then Northumberland Cty-now Columbia Cty PA

2. Christianus Wertz B 3/22/1742-43? in Schwaigern Massenbach Germany D after 1791 in Tulpehocken Twp Berks Cty, PA

M2: Maria Barbara Strauss 11/08/1744 in Massenbach Germany, daughter of Caspar Strauss. She was born in Schwaigern, Massenbach, Germany. They immigrated in 1750 on the "Royal Union" ship and settled in Northumberland County PA. They had 7 children:

1. Johann Casper Wertz B 7/8/1745 D 1745 in Massenbach, Germany

2. Magdalena Wertz B 10/14/1747 D 1747 in Massenbach, Germany

3. Jacob Wertz B 1750-55? D Tulpehocken Twp, Berks Cty PA

4. Johannes/John Wertz B 1754 D 1820 in Tulpehocken Twp, Berks Cty PA
5. Barbara Wertz, married Frederick Reed

6. Justina Wertz

7. Elizabeth Wertz



JOHANN DIETRICH WERTZ BORN 7/24/1740 in Massenbach Germany, DIED 1803 in White Deer Twp PA (then Northumberland Cty now Columbia Cty) Nickname "Dietrich" Property 5/8/1804, Deed M503 recorded 1/30/1805. John Ranck was administrator of Dietrich Wertz's estate in White Deer Township. Wife Mary deceased. Land being sold. Sells 120 acres, part of 325 acrea, to Jacob Wertz of same place for $1,440.

He married MARY MILLER and had 7 children:

1. Elizabeth Wertz
2. John Jacob Wertz
3) Magdalena Wertz married John Ranck
4) John Adam Wertz B c1764
5) Adam Wertz B bet 1780-82?
7) John Wertz B 1788


CASPER WERTZ b. 1783 d. c1831 in PA. Occupation Laborer. Property between 1806-1811 had 50 acres of land, White Deer Twp (New Columbia) PA. Casper Wertz married MARY MARTHA (SURNAME UNKNOWN) and they had 6 children:

1) JOHN W WERTZ b. 10/14/1818 in White Deer Twp, Union Cty PA d. 3/14/1883
2) Jacob Wertz b. c1819
3) Peter Wertz b. 1820
4) Paul Wertz b.B c1822
5) Samual Wertz b. 12/28/1824 d. 11/12/1892
6) Catherine Wertz b. 1826


JOHN W. WERTZ was born 10/14/1818 in White Deer Twp, Union Cty PA and died 3/14/1883. Occupation Farmer & Real Estate. The Census of 1870 indicated that Alex Seitzler, age 18 was living with John and Mary Ann. Zachary Taylor was the eldest child home at that time. John bought his father-in-law's, Simeon Pfoutz Sr., Homestead in Kettle Creek PA. In later years it was known as the Doebler-Goodman Homestead. (David & Taylor Doebler's parents). In 1966 David Doebler sold it to the State as part of the Alvin R. Bush Kettle Creek dam site. Residence: Leidy Township, Clinton County PA. JOHN W. WERTZ married MARY ANN PFOUTZ in 1846. She was born 2/24/1829 and died 12/25/1915 in PA. She was the daughter of Simeon Pfoutz & Susan Minich.

Note: Simeon and Susannah Pfoutz were the first white settlers on Kettle Creek. In 1813 they built a log home at the site of the present Alvin R. Bush Dam. On 10/1/1987 The Lock Haven Express reported some of the descendents who attended the Pfoutz Reunion at Kettle Creek Dam: • Mrs. Susan Drash, 85, of Avis PA, daughter of Samuel Pfoutz, granddaughter of Simon Pfoutz, and great-granddaughter of Simeon Pfoutz. • Clifford & Pat Pfoutz and sons Aaron and Roy from St. Mary's PA; • Marian Hartsock of Renovo PA; • Cora Belle Nesman from Dubois PA; • Glen Watt from Denver PA; Officers of the reunion for 1987-88 were: Donald C. Stevenson, Marie A. Bierly, George Werts, Glenn Watt, Dale Werts, Arlene Norris, Marian Hartsock, Dorothy Bailey. Others assigned to the committee were Susan Thornton, Kathleen Seasholtz, Karen Carpenter, Della Crossley and Claire Kelley.

JOHN W. & MARY ANN PFOUTZ WERTZ had 7 children:

1) EMMA LOUISA WERTZ BORN 1846 (1844?) DIED 1904 (Married EVERETT FRANKLIN HALL and they adopted Clarence Richard (Wertz) Hall from their siblings, Zachary Taylor Wertz & Phoebe Ann Hall)

2) TAYLOR ZACHARIAH "ZACHARY" WERTZ, b. 1849 in Kettle Creek PA, d. 6/16/1919 in Halls Run - Noyes Township, Clinton County, PA. He married PHEBE A. HALL b 1855, d 1928, and they had 14 children (including Clarence Richard, who they adopted out at birth to their siblings, Everett Franklin Hall and his wife, Emma Lousia Wertz Hall).

3) Mary Martha Wertz B 11/2/1849 D 1870

4) MATILDA FLORENCE WERTZ B 3/7/1852 D 8/27/1901. She married JOHN LUTHER DOWNS JR. B 9/1/1846 in Dublin Ireland, D 12/29/1909 Newark Delaware. Matilda was buried August 1901 in Cammal PA.

5) Burton B Wertz B 11/25/1860 D 9/24/1914

6) Alice T Wertz B 9/5//1865 - married George Guncheon

7) John P Wertz B 5/18/1872 D 1/9/1876


EMMA LOUISA WERTZ b. 1846 married EVERETT FRANKLIN HALL, (Phoebe Hall's brother) son of Jesse Hall Jr. 1815-1865 (Jesse Hall State Picnic Area at Halls Run PA) & Mary Ann Shaffer 1817-1869. Everett was Born 1842 Died 1915. (Clarification: Emma, Zachary Taylor Wertz's sister married Everett F. Hall, Phoebe Hall's brother.) Emma and Everett Hall adopted:

1) CLARENCE RICHARD (WERTZ) HALL (my Grandfather) BORN 11/11/1880 DIED 10/19/1920 (Adoption: Emma Wertz & Everett Hall were unable to have children so they adopted Clarence from Emma Wertz Hall's brother, Taylor Zachary Wertz & Phoebe Ann A. Hall Wertz.)

ZACHARIAH TAYLOR WERTZ (Nickname Zachary) BORN 1/1/1848 in Kettle Creek PA DIED 6/16/1919 Halls Run PA - Noyes Twp, Clinton Cty (my blood Grandfather) D 6/16/1919 Halls Run PA - Noyes Twp, Clinton Cty, PA. Occupation Laborer. He was graduate of Muncy Normal School College near Muncy PA. Zachary married Phoebe Amelia Eletta Hall (my blood Grandmother) on June 19, 1872. She was the daughter of Jessie Hall Jr. and Mary Ann Shaffer. Phoebe was B 4/20/1849? in Halls Run PA D 5/13/1928 in Halls Run PA, buried in Hall-Wertz Cemetery. They had 14 children:

1) Theodore Wertz

2) Everett B Wertz B 4/26/1873 D 1935

3) Mary Myrtle Wertz B 3/27/1875

4) John Simeon Wertz (Nickname Simeon) B 5/18/1877 D 4/15/1956

5) Joseph Manderville Wertz B 2/25/1879 in Kettle Creek, Leidy Twp Clinton Cty PA D 2/1/1955 in Renovo. I remember Mom sitting and talking with her Uncle Joe every year at the Hall-Wertz Reunion at the Jesse Hall Park. I think Uncle Joe was Mom's favorite. I remember him being very friendly. Great Uncle Joe married Cordelia Blanche Croak (b. 1891 d. 1968) 

6) CLARENCE RICHARD WERTZ (HALL) (MY GRANDFATHER) B 11/11/1880 in Halls Run Noyes Twp, Clinton Cty PA D 10/19/1920

7) Elial McVey Wertz B 1/6/1882 D 7/2/1946

8) Edith Rebecca Wertz B 2/25/1884

9) Zachary Taylor Wertz Jr. B 11/24/1885

10) Lloyd F Wertz B 11/5/1887 B 11/5/1887

11) Minnie Elizabeth Wertz B 8/25/1889 D 1976-Free Methodist Minister

12) Martha Wertz B 8/9/1892 D at birth

13) Artie Beatrice Wertz B 4/6/1894 D 7/20/1969 (Mom called her Aunt Bea)

14) Phoebe Eletta Wertz B 1/9/1898 D 1980 (Mom called her Aunt Letta)

Mary Martha Wertz, b. 11/2/1849,  d. 1870

MATILDA FLORENCE WERTZ B 3/7/1852 D 8/27/1901 She married JOHN LUTHER DOWNS JR. B 9/1/1846 Dublin Ireland D 12/29/1909 Newark DE. Matilda was buried August 1901 in Cammal PA. Burton B Wertz B 11/25/1860 D 9/24/1914  (see DOWNS page for more info)

Burton B Wertz, b. 11/25/1860, d. 9/24/1914

Alice T Wertz, b. 9/5//1865, d. ? - married George Guncheon

John P Wertz, b. 5/18/1872, d. 1/9/1876


1) Theodore Wertz (data unknown)

2) Everett B, Wertz b. 4/26/1873, d. 1935; married Alice Seese. (I remember Mom talking about her Uncle Eb.); two children:

A. Cecil Wertz; married Billott; adopted Florence
B. Emma Wertz; married Howard Calhoun; no children that I know of

3) Mary Myrtle “Myrt” Wertz b. 3/27/1875 married Alvin Doebler.  Alvin was killed on the railroad in c1904, ran over by a train; (then Mary Myrtle Wertz Doebler married George Goodman.)   Mary Myrtle Wertz and Alvin Doebler had 6 children:

A. Phoebe Doebler Watson

B. David Doebler (buried in Jersey Shore Cemetery); married Ruth (Willamee?)

                        a) Ruthannetta Doebler Russell
                        b) Mildred (Bobbi) Doebler Mitchell
                        c) Richard (Dick) Doebler
                        d) David Doebler
                        e) Daunna Doebler

C. Taylor Doebler; married Hazel (?) - Doebler's Corn - T.A. Seeds

D. Murdella “Myrtle” Alverta Doebler b. 1904, d. 1994; she married Reynold Rudolph Carlson b. 1900, d. 1982, of Bitumen; they had 1 child:

a. Alverta “Berti” Jeanne Carlson b. 1923 (retired Biology teacher living in NC, 2008)
                M1: Berti married  Robert Rager; they had one son, Robert Carlson Rager**
                M2: After divorce, Berti married Daniel Snyder
                ** Berti’s son, Robert changed his name to Robert Carlson Snyder (M.D.)

E. Josephine Doebler Fisher (Jo Fisher lived near Jesse Hall Park) ; married George Fisher; one child:

                a) Mickey Fisher; married Geraldine? – no children

F. Jean Doebler Wertz

4) John Simeon (Nickname Simeon) Wertz b. 5/18/1877, d. 4/15/1956; married Marjorie Haas (Nickname Maize); they had 4 children:

A. Joseph “Bud” Tyler Wertz
m1. Ethel Keane
        m2. Helen (Surname Unknown)
                Daughter - Violet (Ethel) Wertz
                        Granddaughter - Kathy Bower

B. Marion Wertz Aber
C. Martha Wertz Clark
D. Olivette Wertz Daugherty

5) Joseph Manderville Wertz B 2/25/1879 in Kettle Creek, Leidy Twp Clinton Cty PA D 2/1/1955 in Renovo. (I remember Mom's Uncle Joe from the Hall-Wertz Reunion-she liked him a lot and I remember him from the reunions).  Uncle Joe marrled Cordie Blanche Croak in 1910 in Clinton County, daughter of William Croake and Anna Reeder. Aunt Cordie was B 8/27/1891 D May 1968 in Halls Run PA.

(NOTE: Mom really liked Aunt Cordie, and we stopped to see her in the little trailer on Barney Run Road, every time we went up to the Hall-Wertz Cemetery. She seemed really nice to us. She was Mildred Clarey's Mother.) She was buried in Hall-Wertz Cemetery. Her daughter Violet was Mom's cousin and close friend when they were young.

Joe & Cordie’s 5 children were:

A. Betty Wertz - died at birth
B. Zachery Wertz - died at birth or very young age
C. Joseph Reuben Wertz B 2/23/1911 in Renovo PA D 11/1975 in Westminster MD
D. Violet Olga Wertz B 10/27/1914 (Mom's cousin Vi was her best friend in teens)
E. Mildred Emma Wertz Clarey B 10/8/1917

6) CLARENCE RICHARD WERTZ (HALL) (my Grandfather) b. 11/11/1880, d. 10/19/1920 married ALICE THEA DOWNS (formerly Anna Althea Downs) b. 1877, d. 1932 and they had three children:

A. Emma Louise Hall
B. Belle Evelyn Hall
C. Pearl Madeline Hall (My Mommy)

(NOTE: In 2001 Mildred Clarey told me that Emma (Wertz) & Everett Hall were going to adopt Uncle Joe, but he kept running home, so Zachary & Phoebe promised them Clarence when he was born).

7) Elial McVey Wertz b. 1/6/1882 died 7/2/1946. He married Alice D. Smith 11/20/1891. She was B 1882 D 1966. Their children were:

A. Clyde Wertz (We used to visit Clyde occasionally on his farm up Halls Run)
B. Elmer Wertz
C. Guyla Wertz
D. Edith Wertz
E. Hazel Wertz
F. Elial Wertz Jr.

8) Edith Rebecca Wertz b. 2/25/1884 married Arthur Dadd. They had two children:

A. Lloyd Dadd
B. Edith Dadd Wertz

9) Zachary Taylor Jr. born 11/24/1885 and married Alma May Summerson. She was born March 1885 (She had a twin sister, Alice Belle Summerson.) They had three children:

A. Gerald Wertz
B. Shirley Wertz
C. Deward Wertz

10) Lloyd F Wertz b. 11/5/1887 he married Jenevine (Genieve?) (Jane/Jean/Aunt Gen) Askey, and they had two children; both are buried in the Pine Glen Cemetery, Burnside Township, Centre County PA near Viedorfer Road (near Karthaus (PA Route 879) ).  Sometimes the Pine Glen Cemetery is referred to as the Advent Cemetery. (There is also an Askey Cemetery closer to Snow Shoe.)

A. Terrell M. Wertz, Sr. m. Jennett (surname unknown) both buried in Pine Glen Pa 
B. Phyllis Wertz Wolf

11) Minnie Elizabeth Wertz b. 8/25/1889 died 1976 buried Hall-Wertz Cemetery - she was an ordained Free Methodist Minister

12) Martha Wertz b. 8/9/1892 died 8/9/1982 at birth

13) Artie Beatrice Wertz b. 4/6/1894 died 7/20/1969 (Mom called her Aunt Bea) She married John James Croak on 9/30/1913. He was the son of William Croak and Anna Reeder. He was B 2/11/1895 in Woodward Twp (Croak's Hollow), Clinton Cty, PA and D 11/26/1954. John was the brother of Cordelia Blanch Croak, Joseph Manderville Wertz's wife (Aunt Cordie). They had three children:

A. Minnie Croak
B. Eletta Croak (married John Tingwall)
C. Ruth Croak (married Thomas Youngquist)

14) Phoebe Eletta Wertz b. 1/9/1898 d. 1980 (Mom called her Aunt Letta) married Dr. Robert J. Valentine (Chiropractor) B 1894 D 1957. Her nickname was Eletta. She was a nurse, and was responsible for Aunt Vi adopting Danny. They adopted one child:

A. June Valentine (married Clifford Parton)


Cecil [Everett B.] Wertz, married Clarence Billote and they adopted Florence Billote. (They lived in South Renovo near & across the street from the Free Methodist Church and we used to visit them and see them at the reunion-kp)

Emma [Everett B.] Wertz, married Howard Calhoun.

(When I was little we visited Emma and Howard Calhoun at Halls Run for overnight visits. Their house was on the river at Halls Run, before you get to Clyde Wertz' farm. Aunt Emma, I called her, took me to the Free Methodist church in South Renovo. I remember the first time I heard her yell "Amen" during the sermon. She and Howard prayed a lot, and influenced me greatly when I was little regarding the family practice of religion. After dinner they would go into the parlour and read the Bible and pray. I am still inspired by her, and pray for her. Sometimes they would ask me to play the piano and they would sing hymns. Howard used to take me for motor boat rides on the river behind his house. I remember the house Aunt Emma built, mostly herself, up Kettle Creek, next to her brother-in-law, Dorsie Calhoun's. I have a picture of her with Mom and Dad-she must have been in her 90's-kp)

Phoebe Wertz Doebler [Myrt Wertz], married Watson

David Doebler [Myrt Wertz], married Ruthie and had 5 children:

1) Mildred Doebler (better known as "Bobbie"), living in Bermuda, married James (Jimmie) Mitchel, d. 1997 (my son Scott Derek Poorman was named after their son Derek Mitchell-kp)

The following Mitchell section is complinents of Derek Mitchell, Bermuda 5/4/2005:

Mitchell, Herbert 'James', Third child and only son of Herbert Cresswell and Aida Mae (Hensey) Mitchell, b 17 Feb 1923, m1 27 Dec 1946 in Jersey Shore, PA to Mildred Jane "Bobbie" Doebler (div), m2 Pamela Lindley (div), m3 Mildred Jane "Bobbie" (Doebler) Mitchell, d 20 Jun 1997, b St John’s Church, Pembroke 26 Jun 1997. Father of Derek Wayne, David Cresswell and Christopher James Mitchell by his first marriage.

Mitchell, Mildred Jane "Bobbie" (Doebler) Second child of David Alvin Sr and Ruth Isabelle (Williammee) Doebler, b 1924 at Ridgeway PA. Sister of Ruth (Doebler) Russell, David and Richard Doebler and Daunna Bell (Doebler) Yanoviak. Res Cavello Bay, Somerset, Bermuda. See Herbert 'James' Mitchell.

Mitchell, Derek Wayne, Architect, eldest son of Herbert 'James' and Mildred Jane "Bobbie" (Doebler) Mitchell, b 1948 at Paget, m1 Frances Ann Bohner of Cleveland OH 5 Jun 1969 at Mayville NY (div 1995), m2 Janice Cynthia Meyers of Truro, Cornwall UK 27 May 1997 at Venice, Italy. Father of Kirsten Renée Mitchell by first marriage. Res Cavello Bay, Somerset, Bermuda.

Mitchell, David Cresswell, Furniture designer and craftsman, second son of Herbert 'James' and Mildred Jane "Bobbie" (Doebler) Mitchell, b 1953 at Paget, m1 Cathy Preator of Glostershire, England (div), m2 Emma Joyce Ingham at Christ Church, Warwick (div c2001). Res Cavello Bay, Somerset, Bermuda.

Mitchell, Christopher James, Third son of Herbert 'James' and Mildred Jane "Bobbie" (Doebler) Mitchell, b 1959 at Paget, m Kimberly Ann Bird at Williamsport PA. Chris and Kim are parents of Zachary James Mitchell. Res Kent Avenue, Devonshire, Bermuda

The next generation -

Mitchell, Kirsten Renée, Only child of Derek Wayne and Frances Ann (Bohner) Mitchell, b 1982 in Bermuda. Res Cavello Bay, Somerset, Bermuda. Kirsten is about to graduate from the University of Western Ontario, Canada, and start medical school in London, UK.

Mitchell, Zachary James, Only child of Christopher James and Kimberley (Bird) Mitchell, b 1990 in Bermuda. Res Devonshire, Bermuda.

2) David Doebler Jr. (living) married Yvonne (deceased)

3) Dick Doebler (living) married Joan (living)

4) Ruth Anetta (deceased) married Dick Russell (deceased)

5) Daunna, living in Hawaii with husband Andrew Yanoviak, architect.

Taylor Doebler [Myrt Wertz]

1) Ted Murdella Doebler [Myrt Wertz], married Carlson

Josephine Doebler [Myrt Wertz], married Fisher (Mickey Fisher's mother up near Jesse Hall State Park)

Jean Doebler [Myrt Wertz]

Joseph Rueben Wertz [Joseph Manderville] B 2/23/1922 in Renovo PA D 11/1975 in Westminster MD & buried 11/1975 in Hall-Wertz Cemetery; he married Freda Elizabeth Gearhart B 7/9/1914 in PA, on 7/9/1932 at Freda's home in Point Breeze. She died on 1/25/2006 after a long bout with Parkinson's Disease, succumming to congestive heart failure and pneumonia. She was the daughter of Lucy Whitten Gearhart & Rev. William Gearhart, pastor of the South Renovo Free Methodist Church, who performed the ceremony. Their 3 children are:

1) Wanda JoAnne Wertz b. 1933 in Renovo m. Charles Long-presently of Woodsboro, MD
2) Ronald Gearhart Wertz b. 1937 in Renovo PA - presently of Grand Prairie, Texas
3) Kimberly Elizabeth Wertz b. 1959 who married Greg Gallardy - presently of Arcata, CA

Violet Olga Wertz [Joseph Manderville] B 10/27/1914 (Mom's cousin Vi was her best friend in teen years.) Vi was still alive in 2001 last I knew. She married (1) Dan McGowan who died in Renovo in 1959; then married Leon Weaver in 1960. He was born in PA and died in Renovo. Child of Vi and Dan is:

1) Danny McGowan

Mildred Emma Wertz [Joseph Manderville] B 10/8/1917. She married Thomas A Clarey. (Diane and I visited Mildred in 2001 at Warrington PA with her daughter Carol, who I remembered from the Hall-Wertz reunions. Carol and her husband were very gracious and had Diane and I for dinner afterwards, and showed us books full of family pictures. We used to stop at Mildred's house (across from Aunt Cordie's trailer) when we went up to the Hall-Wertz Cemetery.) Their 4 children are:

1) Thomas Joseph Clarey
2) Carol Lee Clarey
3) Cordie Mildred (Kay) Clarey
4) Gary James Clarey

Emma Louise Hall [Clarence Hall/ZACHARIAH TAYLOR WERTZ] Born 9-8-1907 at Renovo, Pennsylvania, Died 10/15/1991 in Manteca, California. Aunt Emma married Tyler Frederick Hammond, Sr. 1902-1979 at Washington Chapel in Valley Forge National Park on 12/30/1933. Uncle Tyler was also from Renovo PA. His Father, Tyler Frederick Hammond died young, and Tyler Sr. was raised by his Uncle. His mother was Edith Batschelet of Renovo. Tyler Sr. was employed for a while by his Uncle as an Accountant at the Batschelet Estate in Renovo. In 1943 he moved his family to San Francisco, where he was employed at Hunter's Point Naval Shipyard, and later at Enterprise Engine and Foundary Shipbuilding. He was a high crane operator. They lived at 56 Pueblo Street in San Francisco, very near the Cow Palace out on Geneva Boulevard, and they attended the nearby St. James First Presbyterian Church. After retirement, they moved to Manteca, CA. Uncle Tyler, at age 77, died at 4:00 P.M. on Monday May 14, 1979 at his home on West Cente Street, Manteca, CA after a long illness. He was buried in the Parkview Cemetery at Stockton, CA. Their three children are:

1) Alice Downs Hammond b1935 m Francis A. O'Leary b1927
2) Edith Hammond
3) Tyler Hammond, Jr. (deceased)

Belle Evelyn Hall [Clarence Hall/ZACHARIAH TAYLOR WERTZ] B 6-19-1910 D ?? San Francisco CA married Valentine DiFilippo - no children

PEARL MADELINE HALL (MY MOTHER) [Clarence Hall/ZACHARIAH TAYLOR WERTZ] BORN 7-19-1913 DIED 2-5-1976 married KENNETH JOHN POORMAN (My Father) BORN 5-23-1914 DIED 12-04-1972. Pearl attended Lock Haven Normal School. They are both buried in Hall-Wertz Cemetery, Halls Run, PA. Their children are:

2) Stephen Phillip Poorman B 1950

Minnie Croak [Artie Beatrice Wertz] married Joe DeVaul and had 3 children:

1) Joe DeVaul
2) Bobby DeVaul
3) John DeVaul

Doebler Name Meaning
German (Döbler): see Dobler; a South German topographic name from Middle High German (southern dialect) tobel ‘gorge’ + the suffix -er, denoting an inhabitant.  North German (also Döbler), nickname for a dice player, from an agent derivative of Middle Low German dob(e)len, to throw dice or to play cards or board games. 


Wanda JoAnne Wertz [Joseph Rueben] B 1933 in Renovo PA; married Charles Edward Long on 6/29/1949 in Montoursville PA Methodist Church, son of Charles Long and Rose Zollers. He was born 1928 in Renovo PA. During WWII he lied his age and joined the Marine Corps at age 16. His nickname was Charles Eddie. They had four children:

1) Lynn Marlene Long B 1949 in Renovo PA
2) Lisa Jo Long B 1955 in Cannonsburg PA
3) Beth Tracy Long B 1960 in Frederick, MD
4) Stacy Ann Long B 1970 in Westminister MD (Austin - Schrager)

Ronald Gearhart Wertz [Joseph Rueben] B 1937 in Renovo PA; married Carol Dawn Ritts B 1941 in July in Wilkes-Barre PA. His nickname was Buck. They had three children:

1) Craig Joseph Wertz B 1962 in Sumpter SC
2) Karen Ronda Wertz B 1964 in Sumpter SC
3) Todd Stanley Wertz B 1965 in Tachikawa, Japan

Danny McGowan, adopted by [Violet Olga Wertz] married unknown; their children are:

1) Denise McGowan
2) Heather McGowan

Thomas Joseph Clarey, [Mildred Emma Wertz] married Barbara Unknown, and had one child:

1) Kathy Clarey

Carol Lee Clarey [Mildred Emma Wertz] married

(1) David Whitman, and
(2) Carl Messina.

Carol and David had four children:

1) David Whitman
2) Peter Whitman
3) Cordelia Whitman
4) Shelli Whitman

Cordie Mildred "Kay" Clarey [Mildred Emma Wertz] had two children:

1) Joseph Clarey
2) Jan Johnson

KENNETH RICHARD POORMAN (me) [Pearl Madeline Hall-Wertz] B 1942; Ken married:

(M1) Donna Rae Bonnell B 1943, on June 1961 in Antes Fort PA and had four children:

1) Kenneth Allen Poorman B 1961
2) Randall Clay Poorman B 2/3/1964 D 4/1/1997
3) John Richard Poorman B 1964 D 1964
4) Scott Derek Poorman B 1971

(M2) Diane Marie Hansberry B 1960, no children, on June 1993 in Valley Forge PA.

Stephen Phillip Poorman B 1950 in Teah Hospital, Lock Haven PA. Steve married:

(M1) Corrine Jean King, no children;

(M2) Pamela Fisher with two children:

(1) Stephanie Sue Ann Simander with 3 children:

(1) Caleb Simander
Kathleen Simander
Colin Matthew Simander

(2) Sean Michael Simander

Poorman Lineage continued on Poorman page.
Also see Bonnell page & Hansberry Page.


Lynn Marlene Long [Wanda JoAnne Wertz] B 1949 in Renovo PA; married Josef "Pepi" Haas on 1/26/74 in New Windsor MD, St. Paul's United Methodist Church. He was B 1945 in Melk, Austria. They had two children:

1) Eric Josef Haas B 1975 in Titusville FL
2) Lauren Michele Haas B 1977 in Huntsville AL

Lisa Jo Long [Wanda JoAnne Wertz] B 1955 in Cannonsburg PA; Lisa Jo married:

(M1) Ron Docie and had two children:

1) Drue Docie B 1983
2) Taylor Docie B 1985

(M2) married and divorced Kevin Manseau who died about 1980.

Beth Tracey Long [Wanda JoAnne Wertz] B 1960 in Frederick MD; married Stephen Paul Trout, born in MD on 1958, married 1/6/1980 in Westminster MD, in The Little Methodist Chapel at Western Maryland College. They had four children:

1) Shaun Curtis Trout B 1980 in Frederick MD
2) Ashley MacClaine Trout B 1982 in Frederick MD
3) Chelsea Lynn Trout B 1986 in Frederick MD
4) Devin Paul Trout B 1987 in Gettysburg PA

Craig Joseph Wertz [Ronald Gearhart Wertz] B 1962 in Sumpter SC; married Dana Elizabeth Wright B 1961; and had three children:

1) Edward Joseph Wertz B 1986 in Atlanta GA
2) Benjamin Ansrew Wertz B 1990 in Atlanta GA
3) Luke Wright Wertz B 1995 in Atlanta GA

Todd Stanley Wertz [Ronald Gearhart Wertz] B 1965 in Tachikawak Japan; married Kristin Marie Webb in Kansas. She was born 1967. They had four children:

1) Kaitlin Marie Wertz B 1991 in Olathe KS
2) Madison Renee Wertz B 1993 in Olathe KS
3) Regan Michelle Wertz B 1995 in Olathe KS
4) Corbin James Wertz B 1996 in Olathe KS


Lauren Michele Haas [Lynn Marlene Long] B 1977 in Huntsville AL; married Omar Vargas in 1999. He was born 1972 in CA. They had two children:

1) Teo Isaiah Vargas B July 1999
2) Elijah Kane Vargas B December 2000

Shaun Curtis Trout [Beth Tracey Long] B 1980 in Frederick MD; married Christina King 1999, daughter of Vesta King. They had three children:

1) Ethan Michael Trout B 1999
2) Caleb Joseph Trout B 2001 (named after Joe Wertz)
3) Annaliese Victoria Trout B 2006

Devin Paul Trout [Beth Tracey Long] B 1987 in Gettysburg PA - one child:

1) Bryleigh Anjali Jarvis B 2007

Ashley Maclaine Trout [Beth Tracey Long] B 1982 in Frederick MD; married Jason Scott Boyer on 10/14/2006


My Great-Grandma Matilda Florence Wertz Downs, Hall's Run PA . . .  

Matilda Florence Wertz, daughter of John W. Wertz and Mary Ann Pfoutz, was born in 1852 and died in 1901.  She was buried in Cammal PA where she had lived with her family.
Matilda married John Luther Downs, Jr., who was born on 9/1/1846 in Dublin Ireland and died on 12/29/1909 in Newark DE, where he moved after Matilda died.
One of their daughters, Anna Althea Downs (changed her name to Alice Thea Downs), was my Grandmother.  Click here to see a photo of her on the Downs page.

Clarence Richard Wertz (Hall) Top Center
Matilda Florence Wertz
(Better portrait of my G-Grandmother than above)
Zack, Eletta, Minnie, Beatrice & John



Oh by the way . . .
The Pfoutz-Wertz on Mom's side, and the McNerney on Dad's side have connections to Bierly and O'Donnell in Lock Haven.  Here are a few sites that have connections . . .

Kathy Bierly Seasholtz

The O'Donnell Family

The Seasholtz Family

still researching . . .

Great Aunt Mary Ryan, who married Earl McNerney, had a niece, Joan O'Donnell (Sister Francis Borgia O'Donnell) . . . and . . .


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