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(and other favorite restaurants)

There's only one thing I love to eat more than a Texas Hot Weiner . . . 


Love them Growlers!

Some call 'em Weiners, some call 'em Wieners; some call 'em hots, and some call 'em weenies; some call 'em Texas doggies, and some call 'em chilli dogs (hold the beans please); but if they're makin 'em right, they're called Growlers!  (because they make your bowels growl, cleen into the next day)

Oops - just saw another weiner shop on TV - G & A Restau­rant at 3802 East­ern Avenue in High­land­town, Baltimore.  They call it the “Home of Baltimore’s Best Coney Island Hot Dogs.”  It has been in busi­ness for eighty-two years.  Guess I'll be headed there soon to give it a try.  Saw it on the food channel.  And, based on the TV show, it looks like I'll have to try the special burgers too.


Hey, just found another good Texas Hot Weiner shop!  It's Harry's in Sadsburyville, a little place west of Coatesville, PA.  Not only good doggies, but a big menu of other good food.  We had shrimp cocktail, taco salad, cheese fries, a good Mexican appetizer, and Harry's Hot dogs.  The food was good . . . I will definately go back!

APJ Texas Weiners-Philly (still goin)

Texas Hots-Altoona (been lots)

Original Coney-I Scranton (been)

Coney-I Scranton (wanna go)

Texas South Philly (been)

Coney-I Reading (gonna go)

Double Dogs Easton (gonna go)

Coney Johnstown (been)

Coney Worcester (been)

Ft. Lauderdale (thanks Steve)

Charlotte's dogs (been)

Ishkabibble's Philly (been)

Jerry's Elizabeth (been)

Jimmy John's (wanna go)

Jimmy John's (been)

Jimmy's Easton (gonna go)

Jimmy's Hazleton (been)

Coney Tex Boothwyn (gonna go)

Pittsburgh O's (been)

Yocco's Foglesville (been)

Hot Dogs All Over


The Very Best Weiner Shop in Pottstown PA has great Texas Weiners.  We go there a lot.  I should try to sell them a website!  Also been to Texas Pete's in Tamaqua, don't see a website for them either; or for the Texas Lunch in Lock Haven, where I've been hundreds of times.  The Sandwich Shop in Lock Haven had good Texas hots too, but they're out of business now.  The Best Spot in Town in Royersford PA had good doggies - it was the same sauce as his Dad's place in Pottstown, but he sold.  Also been to Abe's Hot Dogs in Wilkes-Barre PA, and two shops in Hanover PA, but don't remember their names, or the name of the one in York.  Also been to Ernie's Texas Lunch in Gettysburg PA.  Studying I learned that I didn't know all the weenie shops in PA.  Sorry Holly.  You done good!

Uh oh!  Here we are in 2011.  I'm a heart attack and two surgeries along - but still eating growlers, even though Tom Gratz keeps telling me that they're no good for me.  When he gets his M.D. maybe I'll listen.

Today (Feb 2011) Joe Greco gave me a whole bunch of places to try - that I didn't even know existed.  Here we go:

Dog House Reading Pa


DJ & Ken 6/28/2008
Vienna VA
Washington DC
OK now . . . so I've got more than one favorite.  I wonder if the last doggie shop I visit becomes my favorite.  I'm beginning to doubt my selection process.  When I lived in Lock Haven, the Texas Lunch was my favorite.  Then when I moved to Altoona, the George's Texas Lunches were my favorite.  Then when I moved to Vienna, the Vienna Inn was my favorite.  (I always liked that at Vienna Inn I could get a Bud with my growler.)  Then I moved to the Valley Forge area and The Very Best Weiner Shop in Pottstown was my favorite.  Then I worked in Philly, and APJ Texas Weiners was my favorite.  Now on Monday (6/18/08) I went to Ben's Chili Bowl in DC and Ben's is my favorite.

I have to say also that the people at Ben's treated us very well.  When Diane, Crystal, Diana and I walked in, they pegged us as strangers right away, and asked where we were from.  I said Philly (because who ever heard of Jeffersonville?).  They mentioned Bill Cosby was from Philly and he goes to Ben's, as well as many other famous people.  You'll see some of their photos on the wall if you go.  Also when I mentioned that I used to go to Abarts at 14th & T in the 60's, which is only a couple blocks away, that opened some conversation about famous jazz artists that frequented Ben's.  If you like growlers, you'll like Ben's.  They're really spicier than most, and I like'm hot!

PS: Last time I was there, with DJ and Tom Gratz in 2009, President Obama had been there, and there was a big photo of him with the owner on the wall.  There are a lot of photos of famous people there.  Check it out when you're in town.  I've had Didi, Crystal and Diana there too.
The Very Best Weiner Shop
Pottstown PA
APJ Texas Weiners in Philly
The Texas Lunch
Lock Haven PA
Ft. Lauderdale

Now there are other restaurants I like besides Hot Dog Shops . . .

Fox's Market House Restaurant in Lock Haven PA . . .
The girls always want to go to Fox's for breakfast when we're in Lock Haven.  I like their beer battered fish when they have it.  We go there several times when we're in town.  I often bump into people I haven't seen in a long time when I go there.

What do I like more than growlers?
First place I go if I get anywhere near Williamsport
Henry's BBQ in Linden Pa

I played the piano here once at lunchtime.
Fourways in Bermuda

Cafť Š Porta
Kongens Nytorv 17, 1050 KÝbenhavn K, DK
Enjoyed this restaurant in Denmark.  Good food, good ambiance, friendly service.  Also visited Sweden while there.  Beautiful, clean countries.

Georgetown DC
King of Prussia