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Here are some photos and links to some Lock Haven stuff.  Especially interesting to me are the many newspaper articles written about Lock Haven by Matt Connor.  I think he captures the essence of the people of Lock Haven and its history.  Take a look at Matt's articles on the Web.  

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Search the Web for "Matt Connor Lock Haven" for some great articles about LHV


Remember the "Teen Canteen" upstairs in the City Hall on Friday nights!  Live Rock - Ha!  WOW!  The '50's!  Remember Bill Haley and The Comets, rocking around the clock!  Jay Frazier & I played there with the Teen Tones, John Caskey's group - and we played the Renovo school & Y.


Run Tom Bower's photos of Lock Haven below

Fallon Hotel
Lock Haven Pa

The Fallon Hotel used to be one of the best places in town to go to socialize and dine.  My uncle Bill Stoddart used to take me there when I was little, and I went on stage and talked into the mike, played the piano, and he took me to the basement to see the bottles coming down the chute from the bar into a big box.  That was neat.  I wondered why they didn't ll break when they crashed into the box.  I played many gigs here with several different bands over the years, and attended many meetings and banquets.  I remember at one time The Arena steakhouse was located in The Fallon.


There are lots of attractions in and around Lock Haven & Pa . . . some examples . . . PA AttractionsPenn's Cave, the Boalsburg Museums, the new 911 Memorial at Shanksville . . . take the kids to Dutch Wonderland, or Christmas Village, or Peddler's Village - I like history, so I like to go to President James Buchanan's Wheatland Mansion in Lancaster - Mauch Chunk (Jim Thorpe) - the Civil War Museum in Harrisburg - the Duquesne Incline at Pittsburgh Gettysburg Park - lots to do at Valley Forge & Philadelphia.  I think PA is pretty great. I like DC, VA and South FL too.

This monument to James Logan, brother of Chief John Logan, originally dedicated in 1917 by Colonel H. W. Shoemaker of McElhattan PA, sits near Zellers Spring on private farmland in Loganton, PA.


Some interesting local history - Cayuga Chief John Logan and his brother James were prominent Native American figures in the Lock Haven area.  They travelled often throughout the Bald Eagle Valley, Sugar Valley, Nittany Valley and Pleasant Valley, from Chatham Run, through McElhattan, Rosecrans, Loganton (named after James Logan), Booneville and Logan's Gap.  To see more, click on the "Article" above.

The Columbus House
The "Old Corner"

I quaffed a few Buds in this building :)

Former Bell Telephone Building

I worked for Bell Tel in this building at 25 W. Main. It housed our business office, switching center and test center.

Old Lock Haven Hospital
Susquehanna Avenue

I was born in this building.  Ha ;)

Irvin House

I remember going to the Irvin House in the 1950's to hear Karl Keller play the Hammond B-3.  He was a big hit in town, and there were a lot of people there.  Karl lived in Ft. Lauderdale FL, and his sister, Kate Hamburger, lived next door to us in Castanea . . . my Mom's best friend.

Market House

We dine at Fox's Market House every time we visit Lock Haven.  Hi to Steph & Matt :)

Rogers Gym

Rogers Gym was called the "Girls Gym" when we played gigs there for College dances.  I thought the little narrow balcony on the second floor was neat.


Lock Haven Race Track


Lock Haven Elks Club
Lodge #182

Former Jail East Church Street

I worked for Sheriff Jack Boyle in this building.

New LHU Alumni Center

In addition to the dances we played in Rogers Gym, we played at the Student Union, a couple dorms, and parties at TKE and Lambda Chi houses . . . Whee Ha!
Washington House East Water Street 1864

Want to see some really good photography of Clinton County, i.e. Lock Haven, Sugar Valley . . .   Check out Tom Bower's website - clicky!



Could tell you some racy stories about the Roxy balcony . . . and The Garden . . . and The Martin!


When I was a teenager, I played with several bands in Lock Haven, at the YMCA, the City Hall Teen Canteen, and later in clubs like the Clinton Country Club, the Elks, the Moose, the Sons, the American Legion, the VFW, the Town Tavern, the Masonic Temple, and other venues in State College, Bellefonte, Renovo, Jersey Shore, Williamsport, South Williamsport and Lewisburg.

Here are a few Lock Haven links & pix . . .

Where is this hick town?
Right there, in the middle . . .
The Middle of NOWHERE!

1797 - 1870
Farrandsville Furnace

Lock Haven YMCA

Remember the Saturday night dances at the YMCA? 

Remember Pop Ford?  Alma Jean & Carthy dancin? 

Chugin quarts & crusin the circuit? 

Sorry Mom, I mean, playin ping pong downstairs at the Y.

The old Avenue Cafe bites the dust!  When I was knee high to a grasshoper, my Great Uncle Bill Stoddart used to take me into Sal Assante's occasionally.  Uncle Bill owned The Town Tavern for many years, first on Mill Street, then when it burned down in the J. C. Penney fire, on Bellefonte Avenue, until he died.  Uncle Bill visited most of his competition in town pretty regularly, i.e. the Irvin Hotel, the Elks, the Clinton Country Club, Jake's across the street, the Greystone, The Fallon Hotel, the Buffalo Inn, and Sal Assante's Avenue Cafe - I can't remember them all.  Then when I was in my 20's, some of us Bell Tel guys used to go to Sal's after work for a cold one.  Sal would mention Uncle Bill to me occasionally.  I felt close to Uncle Bill when I was there.

Thanks to Matt Connor for all of the great articles regarding Lock Haven.  His "Peek at the Past" column in The Express not only brings the history of Lock Haven to life for the public, but includes many personal stories behind the historical events in an interesting way.  Thanks Matt!

Matt Connor

Sal Assante's Avenue Cafe

Exclusive Sal Assante Story by Matt Connor

(Matt Connor Obit)


Now if you want a good motorcycle ride, go up PA Route 44 through Pine Creek Valley and/or out the Coudersport Pike.  I used to ride my Triumph up in that area in the '50's and '60's.  And I spent a lot of time up there when I worked for Bell Telephone, repairing open wire out the Coudersport Pike, and later shooting trouble on the Lenkurt Carrier equipment up Pine Creek, up to the last box at the Slate Run Bridge.  I played at a lot of gigs at the taverns up the crik . . . if you like trees, you'll like it.  It's out in the boon docks, bear hunting, fishing, skidooing, if that's a word.

Waterville PA

Restless Oaks, McElhattan
Col. Shoemaker

Restless Oaks in McElhattan PA was the home of the late Col. Henry W. Shoemaker who died in 1958.  Colonel Shoemaker was a writer of Pennsylvania Folklore, and his Barn Museum was well known in Central Pennsylvania.

When I was a teenager, I would park my car at Col. Shoemaker's and walk up the dirt road to the McElhattan Reservoir.  The road was blocked off and I couldn't drive up.  Sometimes I would take a rifle along.  Once I was up there I saw a big bear swimming across the reservoir.  I ran all the way back to my car to get away before the bear got to the shore.  Once I was up there when it got dark, and when I was walking back down the road, looking up at the treetop line to follow the road, I kicked out a deer that was sleeping on the grassy roadway.  It screamed when it jumped up and scared me nearly to death.  Took my breath away . . . ha.


The Buffalo Inn

Buffalo Inn Story

Samuel Crist House

Crist House Article

The National Hotel

National Hotel Story

Jacob Grafius House

Steve Poorman restored the Grafius House, which previously included The Locks Restaurant in an adjacent building on the rear.

The "Fort Reed" Argument


Fort Horn

The Big Runaway

Fort Antes


Death Near Fort Horn


The Dye Works

The Paper Mills

Lock Haven History


Lock Haven Streets


Lock Haven University
Woolrich Woolen Mills

Piper Cub
Please procure official charts for flight.
Piper Aviation Museum
Ross Library
Lock Haven Hospital
Heisey Museum

Click to enlarge Photo

MY BROTHER, Steve Poorman owned that building on the right, 143-147 East Main Street, Lock Haven Pa 17745.  I remember taking piano lessons from Earle Kenneth Mayes on the second floor when I was a kid.  That's now my brother's office.  He also owned the Simon Building across the street (tallest one on the left, a couple doors West).


Lock Haven Trolly Article

Click to enlarge Photo

I remember MY DAD, Ken
Poorman, telling me about riding this trolley.  He said he rode the trolley to Flemington and Mill Hall to play baseball games.  He was also Captain of the LHHS football team.  His name was on a trophy in the High School.  I wonder if those tropheys went to the new school in Mill Hall?  Wish I had a closeup photo of that trophy.

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Does this building look distorted to you?  It always seemed that way to me too - inside and out!  I really liked LHHS best . . . on Saturday and Sunday!!!  What I liked most about it on Monday through Friday was cutting it to go to Luigi's, Greco's, Blackie's and Draucker's poolrooms, the Dipsy Doodle & The Sputnik Shop!  Remember Big Red & Abby?  Didn't they make Algebra fun?

Speaking of Algebra . . . I went to a parent/teacher meeting last year at our local high school.  I know, I shouldn't be parenting at age 68, but I am.  And I know, I shouldn't have a wife 20 years younger than me either, but you know me.  Anyway, it sort of went like this . . . I basically told the young algebra teacher what I thought about algebra, you know, big waste of my time, don't need it, never used it once in my life, couldn't we get this course cancelled, etc.  She said that's not true, you have used it.  If you painted a room, you had to buy paint, right?  No, I never painted anything, and I don't plan to.  And since when was length times width times height considered algebra?  If I had to paint a room, I would go over to the paint store and tell them I had to paint a room, and they would type the L(x)W(x)H into their computer, and tell me how much paint I needed, right?  I had her wound pretty tight.  In all fairness, I have to say that the teachers that we have experienced here have all been wonderful.  

The Bobcats
Remember the Bobcat in the Principal's Office?

OK, maybe this would be a good opportunity to mention that I hated Lock Haven High School, all four years, and I still do.  It was a hugh waste of my time.  The lowest period in my life, the pits,  It was pernicious, the worst case scenario!  Please don't be offended, this is just MY humble opinion!

Well, since I ventured this far . . . I may as well comment on some of my teachers at LHHS.  My wife taught me "if you can't say something nice about someone, don't say anything at all."  So I'm afraid I don't have much to say.  I'll only mention a few of the teachers I liked . . .

1) Mr. Painter, who thought I had the ability to become an accountant.  Most other teachers thought I had no ability to become anything.  And, I became an auditor for a few years and audited financial systems and operations for three different employers - thanks Mr. Painter.  God bless you.

2) Miss George, my homeroom teacher, who always liked the ice cream I brought her after lunch (when I left the Cafeteria, jumped into my car (the old 1951 Chevrolet that had belonged to T. Scott McLean, which I bought used for $90.00 when I was 16), went down to the Dipsy Doodle, and raced back before it melted.  I especially liked taking it into her classroom to give it to her.  She taught Home Ec - Hello!  She kept telling me I would get in trouble, but I only ever got caught cutting once (by Don Malinak).  Ha.  I moved around a lot.

3) Don Malinak.  There was another good guy.  Even though I was not a jock, he tolerated me.  I think most of the coaches were biased against non-jocks(?).  I remember sitting in the sub shop one day at lunchtime, and felt a hard smack on my shoulders, a heavy hand around my neck.  I didn't even get two bites of the hoagie, and I was off the stool.  Don made me pay up, and hauled me off to the Principal's Office.  Detention Hall again.  I wonder if he remembers that?  I hope they name the new Stadium after him.

4) Mrs. Lehman, whom I respected and feared (afraid she would call on me to say something in French, besides "parlez-vous français?").  Fortunately, she was very kind and didn't call on me much.  I think she knew what interests I had in France.  The only other thing I knew was "Me donneriez-vous un baiser vous assez peu de chose?"  Although I didn't learn much French after two years, but "je pourrais demander le vin, la nourriture, et un baiser" which was useful to me later in France.  I've been to the South of France a few times for several weeks, and loved every minute of it, the sights and the people.  Thanks Mrs. Lehman.  It was everything you said it was.

5) Mrs. Dean was cool . . . except for the dangling participles!

6) Mr. Galitski was likable too.  I had him on the edge of his seat in drivers training when I passed a car on the Constitution Bridge.  Ha!  I thought he was going to have a stroke.  I thought it would be a good exercise to practice passing, but I don't think it was in his syllabus.  I wonder if I passed that course?  I wonder if it's still called the Constitution Bridge?  I know, I owe him an apology.

7) Mr. Ferguson was good to us kids.

Sorry, can't think of any others.  I'm sure there were a few more.  Felt good getting that off my mind.

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Constitution Bridge
Water Street Dike
Is this Robbie Long racing down the river?
Rob could do a 180 in mid air!

Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania is probably one of the largest employers remaining in Lock Haven PA since I left town.  When I lived there they had many large employers, e.g. the Piper Aircraft Corporation, the New York & Pennsylvania Company paper mills at Castanea and Lock Haven, the American Analine dye works, the R. K. Griffin chair factory, the fire brick works, the Bloomsburg Mills silk mill, the Pennwoven wire mill, Clark printing company, Sylvania in Mill Hall, Jersey Shore Steel Mill in Avis, Drake Chemical and Crissman Meat Packing Plant in Castanea, Woolrich Woolen Mills, etc.  Now, I think it's pretty much a college town.
William T. Piper Memorial Airport
Castanea Township PA

I enjoyed flying out of LHN, working at Piper Aircraft, and living adjacent to the Piper Airport - never got to visit their facilities at Quehanna, Vero Beach or Lakeland.

Stuff of interest around Lock Haven:   Café 210 West    Boalsburg Heritage Museum    PA Military Museum    BPOE State College Elks Lodge #1600    Toftrees    Penn's Cave    The Rat      PSU Creamery    Hiawatha River Boat    DiSalvo's       4th Street Grille  ●  33 East    Hyner View    


Actually, my hometown (Village) is Castanea PA

in Clinton County PA

Wish I could remember the names of all the bars on "The Coast" i.e. East Clinton Street.  I remember the Clinton Hotel, The Beck Hotel, The St. Cloud.  I know there was a couple more.  Lot of old stories on the Coast.

St. Cloud Hotel
Lock Haven PA

If you live in the Lock Haven Area and want to be in the Reserves, I think these are the nearest military/reserve facilities:

82nd Airborne DIV


Harrisburg PA

728th Combat Support BN


Lock Haven PA

28th DIV Support Command


Harrisburg PA

112th Air Control Squadron


State College PA

112th Air Operation SQ


State College PA

Naval Supply Depot


Mechanicsburg PA


Harrisburg PA