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Ken's Towns



Ken Poorman 's Towns, i.e The Hood . . . neighborhoods I've lived in . . . 

Village of Castanea PA

This is where I started out . . . 15 East Brown Street in Castanea PA.  It was my Mom & Dad's house that my grandfather, John Sylvester Poorman built.  It is next door to the EUB/United Methodist Church. 
15 E. Brown, Castanea
Dad built the oak cabinets
15 East Brown Street
Castanea PA


Lewisburg PA

Lewisburg PA
Next lived at 90 North Second Street in Lewisburg PA, second floor.  Oldest son Kenny was born at the Evangelical Community Hospital at Lewisburg.  Rode my Triumph between Lewisburg and Castanea a lot in those days . . . sometimes up Rt. 15 thru Williamsport, and sometimes over the Elmsport Mountain on Route 44.  Bucknell University is located in Lewisburg, as is the Federal Penn, where I have played at the Club.  Nice clean little town. 


Norfolk VA

3615 Carnarvon Drive
Norfolk VA

We lived at 3615 Carnarvon Drive (now Robin Hood Road) in Azalya Garden Apartments, Norfolk, Va. near Military Highway and the Norfolk International Airport in 1963 when I was stationed at the CINCLANTFLT / SACLANT base assigned to CWO George Briley.  I remember taking Donna and Kenny out on the bay in a little motor boat at the Lynnhaven Inlet, he was little, about two.  I was with the CINCLANT FLT Band at that time.


Mill Hall PA

After I got out of the Navy, we moved to 200 Hogan Boulevard in Mill Hall Pa.  (Apartment on 2nd floor left end, two front windows)  I remember painting the apartment, kitchen, living room, dining and two bedrooms while Randy was being born.  The business on the first floor at that time sold tombstones.  Can't remember the name of the business, something Memorials.  I worked at Piper Aircraft at the time.

200 Hogan Boulevard
Mill Hall PA


Village of Castanea PA

105 East Keller Street
Castanea PA

Then since my dad owned a lot at 105 East Keller Street in Castanea PA, I bought a mobile home, added an addition, and we moved there.  We had another mobile home on the lot at the time and we rented it out.  The Richey's were on the left, and an empty lot on the right.  I still worked at Piper, then went to Bell Telephone in Lock Haven.  Scott was born when we lived here.


Castanea Township PA

This is where I ended up in Castanea Township, the house formerly owned by Dale Masters, where Dave Masters was raised.  Nice little Cape on the river (before they built that miserable dyke in front of it).  We lived here in the early '70's, before moving to Altoona.  Island Route, Lock Haven PA, adjacent to the Piper Airport.  I worked for Bell Tel on Mt. Pleasant Avenue in Jersey Shore when we lived here.

Island Route, Lock Haven PA


Altoona PA

Aldrich Avenue, Altoona PA
Altoona's Llyswen Historic District was home for four years, 1973-1977 at 108 Aldrich Avenue, near Mansion Park.  Heated in-ground pool in the back.  Next door to Leonard and Alyce Hite.  Some of the streets around our hood were Ward Avenue, Logan Boulevard, Ruskin Drive, Fort Roberdeau, Baker Boulevard and Mansion Boulevard.  Scott attended the Baker Elementary School on Ward Avenue, two blocks from our house.  Kenny and Randy went to Altoona Junior High.  My office was at 3615 Beale Avenue when I worked for Bell of PA in Altoona.  We used to go to musical performances at Baker Mansion, a couple blocks from our house.


Valley Forge PA

This was our Valley Forge house, where we moved in 1977 when I was transferred from Altoona to Conshohocken.  It is located in Schuylkill township and had a Phoenixville zip code, and was a half mile West of the Village of Valley Forge, near Freedom's Foundation at Valley Forge.  Kenny, Randy and Scott spent their teenage years here, went to high school, worked at the King of Prussia Mall, etc.  I sold it in 1987 when Donna and I went seperate ways.  Today (4/22/2010) I had lunch at the "G Lodge" restaurant nearby with Tom Gratz, the cop.  After lunch I drove by the house, thinking I might bump into our neighbors, Bill and Nancy Turner, in the yard, so I stopped by to take this photo.


90 North Spring Lane


Vienna VA

Sutton Oaks, VA

Vienna VA - I lived at Sutton Oaks Lane in Oakton/Vienna for a few years when I worked for Bell Atlantic in Arlington VA.  Love Northern Virginia, love Vienna.  Tennis courts across the road at the Oakton High School . . . easy access to Washington D.C., Arlington, Fairfax . . . a few minutes from the Vienna Inn!!!  Nice area . . .


Bridgeport PA

Shot of my place in Bridgeport PA - ha.  I lived here for about 7 years, from 1987 to 1993.  I had 3 bedrooms, and DJ Morris lived with me for about 5 years, and my son Scott for a couple years.  Walking distance to Chick's Tavern - oh yeah!  

Bridgeport, PA


Jeffersonville PA

Jeffersonville, PA

This is our current Jeffersonville abode . . . which is in West Norriton Township.  The Betzwood section of the Valley Forge National Park is in our township . . . so we go to the park a lot.  (Hot Dogs at the gift shop!!!  Ha!!!)


Our rental property in Norristown PA.  We sold in 2007 . . .

(see photos)

Norristown, PA





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