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Downs Line


Ken Poorman's Downs-Wertrz family of Renovo & Cammal, Pa

Downs Name Meaning


Irish: patronymic from a variant of Dunn; variant (plural) of Down.  Dunn is a reduced (Anglicized) form of Gaelic Ó Duinn, Ó Doinn ‘descendant of Donn’, a byname meaning ‘brown-haired’ or nickname for a man with dark hair or a swarthy complexion.




JOHN LUTHER DOWNS was born on 9/1/1846 in Dublin, Ireland, and died on 12/29/1909 in Newark Delaware.

John married MATILDA FLORENCE WERTZ 1852-1901, who is buried in Cammal, PA. They lived in Austin PA and Cammal PA. They had 7 children:

1. William T. Downs
2. Mary Sharlott Downs
3. John Darcey Downs
4. ANNA ALTHEA DOWNS [ALICE THEA] (m. Clarence Richard Hall)
5. Emma Pearl Downs (m. Nielson)
6. Nancy Elizabeth Downs
7. Flora Belle Downs (m. Dr. Bunny Sinnigan - Jefferson Medical)

John Luther Downs
Matilda Wertz
Ken's Great GrandMother


  • William T. Downs 1872-1948. Mom took Dad and I to visit Uncle Will in Altoona when I was 5 or 6 years old. I can almost remember the row house he lived in. I think it was on 6th Avenue near Logan Boulevard, but I'm not sure about that.
  • Mary Sharlott Downs 1873-1947 (Aunt Lotti) married Cyrus Black Holmes; they had one child:

1. Florence Elizabeth Holmes (3/24/1901 - 8/30/1973) who married George Joseph Maine; (259 West State Street, Quarryville, PA); and they had two children:

a) Muriel Maine b. 1/1/1921 d. 8/5/2003 married Wilbert Achenbaum. I went to Muriel's memorial service in Paoli. Talked with Wyn Achenbaum there. Aunt Emma took me to visit Murial at her home in Devon once in the 1970's.

b) Lotei (Tei) Maine married L. Landis (living). I met Tei at Murial's memorial service. Only time I ever met her, I think. I remember Mom writing letters to Tei and Murial when I was young. I met Tei's son too, very nice guy.

  • John Darcey Downs 1875-1894
  • ANNA ALTHEA DOWNS HALL* (changed her name to Alice Thea) 1877-1932; Alice T. Downs married CLARENCE RICHARD HALL and they had three children:

1. Emma Louise Hall
2. Belle Evelyn Hall
3. Pearl Madeline Hall (My Mother)

* Never knew my Grandmother, Alice T. Too bad she died before I was born.

  • Emma Pearl Downs Nielson 1884- (No Children-San Francisco) Mom took me to visit Aunt Pearl in Frisco once. Very strange lady. I remember her peeking out through iron bars on her front door before letting us in, and the black turban she wore, with a large gemstone pinned to the front.
  • Nancy Elizabeth Downs 1888-1905
  • Flora Belle Downs Sinnegan 1890-1964 (No children-San Francisco) Mom took me to visit Aunt Flora in Frisco too. She seemed very pretty to me. Mom called her Aunt Belle. Very confusing for me. Aunt Belle Sinnegan in Frisco, and Aunt Belle DeFilippo in Frisco. Anyway. Aunt Flora was very nice - liked her a lot.
Alice T. Downs
Alice T. Downs
1877 - 1932
Ken's G-Mother
ALice T. Downs Hall
Flora Belle Downs


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