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Ryan Line


Our Ryan / Monroe Family Genealogy . . . 

Some of our Ryan family lineage is Monroe, Poorman, Stoddart, McNerney, Graff, O'Donnell, Quay, Hughes, Shearer, Shadle, Bierly, Seasholtz, Baird, Bailey, Pfoutz, Drash . . .

Ryan Name Meaning


Irish: simplified form of Mulryan; reduced form of O’Ryan, an Anglicized form of Gaelic Ó Riagháin (modern Irish Ó Riain) ‘descendant of Rian’; Ó Maoilriain ‘descendant of Maoilriaghain’, or Ó Ruaidhín ‘descendant of the little red one’. Ryan is one of the commonest surnames in Ireland.




Daniel Ryan was my Dad's maternal grandfather. He was born Mar 1859, married Frances Monroe in 1887, and he died 14 Oct 1907 in Lock Haven, Clinton County PA. 

(His father was also Daniel Ryan, born c1810 in Ireland.  He died 27 Jul 1886 in Clinton County PA. Dan Sr. married Cathrine "Unknown" who was born c1819 in Ireland, and died 9 sep 1901 in Clinton County PA.)

 Frances Monroe Ryan (Frances M. Quay 1870-1952) was my Dad's maternal grandmother. My great g-parents Dan & Frances Ryan lived at 108 Jessamine Street in Lock Haven, Clinton County, Pennsylvania. I called Frances "Little Gram" when I was young. My great-grandfather Dan Ryan died before I was born. Frances died in 1952 at age 82 (Friday at 1:20 P.M. at home, after an illness of several months) and is buried near Aunt Hazel in St. Mary's Cemetery in Lock Haven PA. 

Frances Monroe Ryan Quay was the daughter of Pedro and Louise Bowman Monroe of Beech Creek, Pennsylvania.  She was a member of the Immaculate Conception Catholic Parish in Lock Haven.  James Monrue of Lock Haven was her brother.  Reverend Charles White celebreate her requiem high mass at IC.

Dan and Frances had 5 children (Or maybe 7?).  Frances married James M. Quay after Dan Ryan died.  Daniel and Frances' children were:

1. Charles Daniel Ryan born 1889 (Bartender, never married, fancy dresser, lived alone in Harrisburg, PA - get it?) Uncle Charlie lived over the bar where he bartended, on Market Street in Harrisburg, about a block away from Pomeroy's Department Store.  I went with Dad in John Yost's hearse when we brought his dead body back to Lock Haven for burial by Yost Funeral Home.  He is buried in St. Mary Cemetery in Lock Haven PA.

2. MAUDE RYAN (my grandmother, "Big Gram") was born 11/12/1890, and married John Sylvester Poorman on 9/23/1913. She died 3 September 1985.  See POORMAN genealogy page for more info on Big Gram.

3. John Henry "Mick" Ryan (1900-1953) lived with his mother, Frances Monroe Ryan Quay, at 108 Jessamine Street in Lock Haven until he died, drinking & fighting all the way.  Uncle Mick never married either, but for different reason than Uncle Charlie. 

4. Hazel Ryan born 1903 (owned the Town Tavern in Lock Haven) married William P. Stoddart (Uncle Bill) b. 9/29/1907 in Philadelphia PA; d. 2/18/1958 in Lock Haven PA.

5. Mary L. Ryan born 1907 (lived at 40 E. Church St, Lock Haven, PA) married Earl V. McNerney (Uncle Mick); she died in 1999

#. Blanch Agnes Ryan, date unknown (may have died as baby; possibly buried at St. Mary's in unmarked grave)

#. Michael Ryan, date unknown (may have died as baby; possibly buried at St. Mary's in unmarked grave)


PREVOST MONROE was born in French Canada.  He married Louise Bowman, who was born in Pennsylvania.

They had two children, Frances M. Monroe (1870-1952), and James Arthur Monroe. 

Frances was my great-grandmother.  She was born in Beech Creek, PA, and lived most of her adult life in Lock Haven, PA.  Frances married Daniel Ryan, then after he died, James Quay.

James Arthur Monroe was born 5 August 1885; he married Cora Chapman.

Frances M. Monroe Ryan Quay Obit

Monroe Name Meaning

Scottish: This is a rare example of a Gaelic surname of topographic origin, the first element of which is probably Gaelic mun, a mutated form of bun ‘foot’, or British minit ‘hill’. In Ireland this name has sometimes been used as an equivalent of O’Mellan (Mellon) and Milroy.

Daniel & Frances Monroe Ryan
My Great Grandparents
Maude Ryan Poorman
My Gram


> John "Uncle Mick" Ryan and Charles "Uncle Charlie" Ryan never married.  I have no photos of Uncle Charlie.

> Aunt Hazel E. Ryan - married William P. Stoddart from Philadelphia.  Here's some info on the STODDART-GRAFF families: 

STODDART (Help me with this Anna)

ALBERT STODDART (Scotland) married (unknown).  We think Albert owned copper mines in South America.  They had three children:

1. MARY STODDART (B. ?, d. ?) married Fred Graff of Philadelphia and lived on Olive Street in Fairmount, then on Saul Street in Northeast Philly, then after Fred died, on Popular Street, then finally with her daughter in New Jersey.  Fred and Mary had one child:

a. Anna Graff Hughes (b. 1938?)

b. Fred had two boys to a previous marriage (?)

2. AL STODDART: Al Stoddart (Jr?) was from Philadelphia PA also.  Al was married to Tessie (surname unknown), and they had two children, Albert and and Marianne.  Al & Tess Stoddart family moved to Lock Haven in the 1950's, and their children, Al and Marianne, went to school at the Immaculate Conception Catholic School.  Young Al and Marianne had bright orange/red hair - I guess the same genes that led Uncle Bill to being called "Red" Stoddart, when he won the Marble Championship as a teenager.

3. WILLIAM P. STODDART: Great Uncle Bill came from Philadelphia to Lock Haven to work in the CCC Camp up toward Renovo.  After Uncle Bill left the CCC Camp in Sproul Forrest near Renovo, Bill and Aunt Hazel owned and operated the "The Town Tavern" on Mill Street in Lock Haven (registered fictitious name with Secretary of State 7/8/1946 – William P. Stoddart and Hazel E. Stoddart – Entity #2502752).  Great Aunt Hazel and Uncle Bill had no children.  After Aunt Hazel died in the 1950's(?), Bill married Leah Shearer and they moved the Town Tavern to Bellfonte Avenue after the big J.C. Penney fire at Main & Mill Streets; Uncle Bill died in the 1960's.  Uncle Bill was the Marble Champion of Philadelphia PA in 1922.

Hazel Ryan Stoddart
My Great Aunt Hazel
Mary Ryan McNerney
My Great Aunt Mary
John Ryan
My Great Uncle Mick

Stoddart Name Meaning

Scottish: variant of Stoddard, an English occupational name for a breeder or keeper of horses.


GRAFF (Help me with this Anna & Booty)

"POP" GRAFF (Germany) married (unlnown).  They had five children:

1. Francis "Frank" Graff (b. ?, d. ?) married Nellie (surname unknown).  They lived on 26th Street in Philadelphia, and had two children:

a. Francis "Booty" Graff (Booty retired as superintendent of PENNDOT's Highway Department for the Philadelphia Region and lives in Sea Isle City NJ.)
b. Helen Graff

2. FRED GRAFF (b. ?, d. ?) married MARY STODDART GRAFF.  Fred was a foreman at Baldwin Locomotive in chester PA.  They had one child:

a. Anna Graff Hughes

Note: Great Uncle WILLIAM P. STODDART was brother of MARY STODDART of Philadelphia, who married FRED GRAFF of Philadelphia.  Mary and FRED GRAFF (and daughter Anna) lived on Olive Street in the Fairmount section of Philly behind 2601 Parkway and 2501, the Fidelity Insurance building. Anna attended St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church at 24th and Green Streets, Philadelphia, PA 19130, and the SFX Catholic School (aprox 1946-1952?).  Anna graduated from Hallihan Catholic High School for Girls in 1956. 

ANNA GRAFF HUGHES (b. 1938?) married a Camden NJ Patrolman Robert S. "Bob" Hughes.  Bob Hughes served on the USS Ranger CVA-61 in the E3 Division.  He was a plankowner.  They had four children:

a. Michael Hughes (b. 1964)
b. Robert Hughes (b. 1966)
c. Deborah "Debbi" Hughes Williams (b. 1969)
d. Donna Hughes (b. 1971)

There is a photo of MARY GRAFF and ANNA GRAFF on this webpage.

3. Lawrence "Larry" Graff (died young?)

4. George Graff (b. ?, d. ?) married Marie (surname unknown) live in Whitemarsh Township PA.  They had two children:

a. George (California)
b. Stephen (Whitemarsh Twp, PA)
5. Name unknown

Just got more GRAFF info from Walton J. Sullivan:

1 Fredrick Andrew Graff b: 14 Jul 1874 Baden, Germany
          +Mary (Graff) b: Jun 1876 Philadelphia Pa
.... 2   Francis Joseph Graff b: 20 Jan 1896 Phila Pa d: Jul 1969 Phila
........  +Helen O'Neil b: 9 Oct 1898 Phila Pa d: Jun 1986 Phila Pa
........... 3   Francis Graff b: 25 Dec 1917 Phila Pa d: Jan 1984 Phila Pa
........... 3   Marion Graff b: 1922 Philadelphia Pa
........... 3   Helen Graff b: 1929 Philadelphia Pa
........... 3   John (Jacky) Graff b: Phila Pa, died age 46 of an aneurism
.... 2   George Graff b: May 1898 Philadelphia Pa
.... 2   Frederick Graff b: 1900 Philadelphia Pa
........  +Mary Stoddart b: 1905 Scotland
........... 3   Anna Graff b: Philadelphia PA; m. Robert S. Hughes
.... 2   Harry Graff b: 1905 Philadelphia Pa
.... 2   Lawrence Graff b: 1907 Philadelphia Pa
........  +Mary (Graff) b: 1907 Ireland
........... 3   Lawrence Graff, Jr. b: 1928 Philadelphia Pa
.... 2   George Graff b: 1910 Philadelphia Pa
.... 2   Anna Graff b: 1919 Philadelphia Pa

Graff Name Meaning

German (also Gräff): variant of Graf.English; occupational name for a clerk or scribe.

Anna, Mary & Kenny
Olive Street, Philly
Mary, Pearl & Kenny
Olive Street, Fairmount
Anna Graff & Kenny Poorman
Olive Street, Fairmount
Ken & Anna 2007
McNERNEY -  Great Aunt Mary Ryan married Earle V. "Uncle Mick" McNerney . . . 

Mary L. Ryan - B: 4/24/1907, D: 4/7/1999, Aunt Mary worked for years at Clark Printing Company in Lock Haven, PA. She married Earl V. "Mick" McNerney, a WWI veteran.  Great Aunt Mary and Uncle Mick had no children, and are buried in St. Mary's Cemetery on the Lusk Run road.

Great Uncle Mick was born Feb. 7, 1900 in Lock Haven and died Jan. 9, 1968 in Lock Haven PA. He was baptized Vincent Earl McNerney at Immaculate Conception Roman Catholic Church in Lock Haven PA on Mar. 6, 1900 by Rev. John Cadori, sponsors being Edward McNerney and Bridget Sexton. Uncle Mick's parents were Patrick McNerney and Catherine Sexton. His occupation was "Bookkeeper." Info regarding Uncle Mick's WWI service: Private Earl Vincent McNerney, United States Army, Students Army Training Corps, Villanova College, Villanova, Pa. received an honorable discharge from the military service of the United States by reason of expiration of term of service on November 26, 1918. He was paid in full on December 14, 1918 by A.B. Scott, 1st. Lt. USA of the Students Army Training Corps, Villanova College. Copy of the Soldier Discharge of Earl Vincent McNerney appears on record in discharge Book 1 page 74, Clinton County, Pennsylvania, Recorder of Deeds. Earl V. McNerney enlisted October 25, 1918 at Montgomery County, Ardmore, Pennsylvania, serving his first enlistment period; Previous service, none; Physical condition when discharged, good; Martial Status, single; Character, excellent; Remarks, No AWOL or absence under GO # 31, WD 1912 or GO #45, WD 1914; Entitled to travel pay to Ardmore, Pennsylvania. Note: Uncle Mick McNerney worked at the Lock Haven State Teachers College, now called Lock Haven University. That is how we are related to Sister Francis Borgia, Joan O'Donnell from the O'Donnell's on Susquehanna Avenue

Mary Ryan
Mary Ryan

Great Uncle Mick McNerney was born Feb. 7, 1900 in Lock Haven and died Jan. 9, 1968 in Lock Haven PA.

Earl McNerney

McNerney Name Meaning


Irish: variant of McInerney; Anglicized form of Gaelic Mac an Airchinnigh, son of the overseer (of church lands), Gaelic airchinneach.

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